The Australian Festivals Guide

Australians love a good festival and no matter what you like to do for entertainment, there is bound to be a festival perfect for you. Dance all day and all night, eat foods from around… Read more

Making Lifelong Friends in Student Accommodation

Living in student accommodation is a pretty awesome experience: you’re thrown into university life with a bunch of like-minded students, you’re usually living right in the heart of the city or near campus, and you’re… Read more

Australia’s Best Animal Encounters

From curious Kangaroos to chameleon-like Cuttlefish, this is where you can get up close and personal with Aussie wildlife. When Noah filled his ark with two of every animal, he must’ve made a beeline to… Read more

How to Celebrate Bastille Day

If you want a taste of France without leaving the country, Bastille Day is just days away. Bastille Day is a French holiday celebrating the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution.

Australian Rules Football: An Introduction

All international students should experience an Australian Rules Football match while they are here. Regardless if you like sports or not, it’s fun to watch the match, hang out with friends and enjoy the local… Read more

Lunar New Year in Australia

Lunar New Year starts on the first new moon of the year and ends with the first full moon. Here are a few things to know and places to celebrate it in Australia.

Music in Your City

No matter what style of music you love there is a big, exciting new world out there for you to discover in the clubs, bars, pubs, stadiums, concert halls and outdoor venues of your new… Read more

Dating Apps for International Students

In case Pokedates or Tinder aren’t for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best dating apps for international students in Australia. Salaam Swipe Salaam Swipe is designed specifically to help Muslims meet other Muslims…. Read more

Welcome Dinner Project

Want to be invited into a local Australian household for a dinner celebration, alongside locals and other newly arrived people to Australia?

Walk Together for Freedom

‘ON OCTOBER 21 WE WILL WALK TOGETHER FOR FREEDOM’ Walk Together is Welcome to Australia’s annual national celebration of Australia’s diversity, designed as a tangible expression of the welcoming, fair and compassionate society they are committed to building. It is more… Read more

How To Make Friends With Locals

Now you are in Australia it’s time to make friends with the locals. This is a great way to really experience your town from a local perspective and enrich your cultural understanding during your time… Read more

Yum Cha – A Brunch of Dumplings

Yum Cha is Cantonese for ‘heart’s delight’. Learn about everything you need to know about this exciting Chinese style of dining.

Playing Sport in Your City

Australians are very passionate about playing sports. Joining a sporting club is a great way to get fit, meet people and be a part of the community. Find a sport and club that’s right for… Read more