International Student Stories

Ronny Chieng – International Student on the Screen

Last year, we featured inspiring international student, Ronny Chieng. Since the launch of its pilot episode in 2016, the university-student comedy Ronny Chieng: International Student has finally reached our screens as a complete series! A… Read more

The Importance of Saying ‘YES’

“You have to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’. But mostly you have to know when to say ‘yes’” – Natalia Agus Natalia Agus is a Chinese-Singaporean-Indonesian born, now Melbourne local,… Read more

A New Life In Australia

What should an international student expect when they’re coming to study in Australia? What’s their new life going to be like? And how will they cheer themselves up when things get tough? In these interviews,… Read more

How to Succeed While Studying Abroad

By Inna Tevi Inna Tevi is an international student from Russia, who writes her own blog Innagram. This article is originally from Inna’s blog, and she was kind enough to share it with us here… Read more

Inspiring International Students: Gary Lee

A former international student from Malaysia, Gary Lee is an exceptional leader who has a natural ability to engage with people from all walks of life. His work with international students spans over 15 years. Having… Read more

Inspiring International Students: The Creatives

We continue our profiles of international students with our latest edition, ‘The Creatives’.   Juliana Medina – Tobar International student by day – travel blogger by night, Juliana Medina-Tobar is a social media whiz who… Read more

Inspiring International Students: Ronny Chieng

  Ronny Chieng knows that there can be a funny side to being an international student. Because he was one.  And also, because he’s now one of Australia’s best-known comedians. Chieng is a successful stand-up,… Read more