There are a lot of great things about living with housemates.

You always have friends nearby to chat with over a drink or to split a pizza. Maybe you can cook feasts together, help each other with study or just hang out watching movies.

On the other hand, some housemates are messy, inconsiderate and no fun at all to live with.

While we can’t force your housemates to behave, we can give you some tips to make sure you aren’t the one that is the housemate from hell.

If your housemate really is terrible, try printing out this list and sticking it to your fridge. Hopefully, they take the hint!

A few tips for housemate harmony

Pay all bills and rent on time

Make sure you stick to your budget every month so you can pay your way. A housemate that needs to be chased every month for money that is owed is a big stress on the other housemates.

If you tend to forget bills/rent day you can arrange a direct debit from your account.

Clean up after yourself

Your housemates deserve to live in a tidy space without your mess everywhere.

Wash up after meals, don’t leave clothes lying around and determine a cleaning schedule with your housemates for all communal space cleaning.

Hiring a cleaner can solve a lot of problems with everyone contributing evenly to the cost.

Respect private spaces

Understand the difference between communal and private spaces. Don’t enter your housemate’s bedroom without their permission.

Don’t treat the communal area as your private space. If you want quiet study, then head to your room.


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Don’t eat your housemate’s food

Just don’t! There is nothing worse than going to the fridge and finding out that your treats have been eaten by somebody else.

If you do use something, replace it straight away.

Stock up on essentials

Pick up milk, toilet paper, cleaning products whenever you are running low. Running out of toilet paper is the worst.

If all housemates pay an extra $15 – $20 a month (collect it at rent time), you can make sure that everyone is contributing equally for all communal items needed.

Quiet time vs party time

Living with others means respecting their space and their schedule. If your housemate has a big assignment due tomorrow, then tonight is not the night for a loud party! Try to be extra quiet if you are home late and your housemate wakes up early. 

Agree on a policy regarding guests and quiet times to avoid any disagreements in the future.

Take care of each other

Housemates can be like your new family – especially when you are far from home. Celebrate birthdays and holidays together, look after each other if someone isn’t feeling well, be extra kind if you know someone is homesick or stressed.

Create some house traditions

Whether it is a communal feast on Sunday night, cricket in the park, a backyard BBQ, or PlayStation on a rainy day – set up some house traditions and include all your housemates.

Having fun with your housemates is the best part of living in a share house.


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