Determining what you can, and should, pack when travelling to Australia is a crucial component of planning. 

 Let’s talk about what to bring with you on your journey.

What kind of luggage should I bring?

If you don’t already have luggage, then you need to figure out the best option for you. You can borrow from a family member, but then they would be without it for a long period.

Maybe it’s time to go luggage shopping! Keep in mind any the size and weight restrictions of your flights, including any connecting flights. Determine if a backpack or roller case is more appropriate for you.

Whatever you decide upon make sure you can carry it! Friends and family can help you get to the airport, but you will be responsible upon arrival in Australia.

What else should I bring with me?


 Copy of Passport


 Dress for the seasons you will be here for. Summer can get hot (bring shorts, t-shirts, hats). Winter can get icy cold (thick winter jacket, pants, long sleeve shirts).


 Toiletries  – all aerosols, contact lenses and solution, feminine products, razor and shaving products.


 Power strip/Plugboard – allows you to plug in multiple devices from home with just one adaptor.


 Any books/materials you want to bring for your studies.

Australia is famous for its wonderful weather but don’t think you will only require summer clothing. Make sure that you pack clothes for all seasons, including wet weather.

If your mobile phone works in Australia, then bring it along. If you don’t bring your smartphone, or just prefer better quality images, then remember to pack a camera so you can show friends and family your new life in Australia.

What customs restrictions do I need to know about?

To protect Australia’s borders, there are restrictions on some items. You must have documentation for any medication that you bring with you. Fruit and plant goods must also be declared to help look after Australia’s unique environment. The quantities of alcohol and cigarettes that you can bring in are restricted. Large amounts of cash (equivalent to A$10,000 or more) are not permitted and make sure you don’t have any pirated goods (movies etc.) in your possession.

Find out more information about what you can bring to Australia here: Bringing items into Australia 

Excess Luggage

Excess luggage charges on airlines can be high so if you are packing more than your luggage allowance you might consider shipping extra items to Australia. This can be a safe and cost-effective method of avoiding hefty airline fees. All goods are covered by insurance, and some companies will store your goods until you are settled in your accommodation. They take care of all customs requirements at both ends and allow you to focus on everything else you need to get sorted. You can track your possessions online so you always know where they are and have that additional level of security.

What should I pack in my hand luggage?




 Confirmation of Enrolment


 Small amount of Australian currency




 Travel adaptor




 Information about your accommodation, pick up arrangements and a list of relevant phone numbers