RMIT Advertiser Testimonial

RMIT has been an advertiser in Insider Guides for several years running.

Elissa Newall is the Senior Manager, Conversion, International Portfolio for RMIT University in Melbourne. We asked Elissa about her experience with Insider Guides.

Why did you get involved with Insider Guides?

RMIT has a strong digital focus with our marketing, but we are aware that print advertising can be very effective if the publication is relevant, unique and has a highly targeted distribution network. Insider Guides certainly does this.

We have seen that Insider Guides offers high-quality content to help international students enhance their experience in Melbourne. RMIT feels that it is both important and beneficial to be associated with this kind of publication.


Why do you think Insider Guides are effective?

The content is excellent! We believe that it is something that is really valued by students. Not only that, but Insider has been very good at securing highly relevant distribution channels including IDP Education and the Ministry of Education in China.

For RMIT, this not only ensures that the guides are distributed to the right people but also at the right time in the decision-making process. We are not able to replicate this level of precision via our online communication channels, and we have taken out advertising in the Melbourne, IDP, China and South American editions as a result.


What results have you seen since being involved with the guides?

While it’s hard to measure return on investment from print advertising, student and industry feedback has indicated that students are getting a lot of value out of the guide. It‘s clear we need to be in that environment, and we are confident that the association positions RMIT as a leader in international education.

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