Quiz: Find your perfect accounting career

Are you a puzzle-solver or a mathematics master? Do you have aspirations to climb the corporate ladder, or are you happy working on your own to reach a single goal?

We consider your aspirations, skills and personal preferences to help find the accounting career perfect for you!

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How much do you like solving puzzles (e.g. sudoku, escape rooms)?

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Are you strict about sticking to rules?

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How do you feel about maths and numerical problems?

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Do you find yourself doodling during meetings?

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What type of team do you prefer to work with?

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Are you a fan of exams and coursework?

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Do you like the idea for working for a big company?

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Do you like dedicating yourself to one goal or do you like a mixture of activities?

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Where do you like to work?

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How interested are you in the stock market and enterprise?

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Would you choose salary over work/life balance?

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Do you have ambitions to climb the corporate ladder?

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How well do you cope with stress?

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Your movie suggestion is: Taxman (1998)

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