What You Need to Know About The Proposed Australia and Singapore Travel Bubble

*Note: This information is correct as of the time of publication.

News broke yesterday of a proposed travel bubble between Singapore and Australia. As discussed on the ABC’s Insiders program by Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Australia is working with Singapore to open up an international travel bubble.

“We are working with Singapore at the moment, potentially for a bubble in July,” Mr McCormack said.

Separately, Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, said in a TV interview he hoped Singapore would start re-opening its borders by the end of the year as more countries increased their vaccination rates.

What would the travel bubble involve?

No further details regarding the travel bubble were announced in the interview with Mr McCormack, however, various news agencies have reported on what these travel bubbles would look like.

For example, The Guardian has stated that:

“Under the proposals, Australians would be allowed to travel to Singapore without approval from the home affairs department provided they have been vaccinated for coronavirus. Singaporeans who have been vaccinated would be able to travel to Australia without having to undergo two weeks of hotel quarantine.

It may also be possible for people from other countries to enter Australia via Singapore after completing quarantine in the south-east Asian city-state.”

No official details regarding the travel bubble have been announced. Insider Guides will provide updates as they are made available.

Would international students be able to use the travel bubble?

The ability for international students to use the travel bubble to return to Australia has not been confirmed.

Some news providers, such as The Age, have stated that this travel bubble proposal may allow international students to return to the country, but these statements are unverified at present.

As the travel bubble with Singapore is proposed to be launched in July 2021, it is likely that more information will become available soon.

Will there be more travel bubbles?

In the same interview with Insiders, Mr McCormack stated:

“As the vaccine rolls out not only in Australia but in other countries, we will reopen more bubbles.”As such, it can be assumed that more bubbles may open in 2021. However, these will be dependent on the rollout of vaccines globally. Remember that as an international student in Australia, you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for free. If you are travelling between travel bubbles, it is also likely that you will need to have a vaccine passport. We take you through everything you need to know about travel passports here.