Where Can You Volunteer in The Holidays?


With the vast expanse of summer holidays lying ahead of you, you might now be wondering what to do with all the new-found time on your hands. Have you considered volunteering?

With loads of options out there, you’ll not only have something to do, you’ll also have a fun and rewarding experience, you’ll make new friends, and know that you’re giving your time to a worthwhile cause.

Volunteer at a Festival

Summertime is festival time in Australia, and music and arts festivals are always crying out for volunteers, whether it be their street team, front-of-house ticketing staff, giving out wristbands, cleaning, ushering, or just general crowd control. You’ll usually do an eight-hour shift either before or during the festival, and get free entry for your efforts. With any luck, you may even get to catch you favourite band, or get to see your favourite show, and with music festival tickets generally over $150 it’s a pretty great opportunity to do some work, experience a festival, and have fun at the same time.

For more information, most major arts and music festivals have volunteer information on their website.

Festival jobs at Adzuna
Volunteer at Sunset Events

Volunteer with an environmental organisation

If you want to make the most of your Australian summer and spend your time outdoors, soaking up the sun, there’s no better way to do it than by volunteering with an environmental organisation. You can spend your time planting trees, undertaking survey activities, or caring for Australia’s unique bushlands, all the while knowing that your time is helping make Australia’s environment a better place. There are loads of organisations all around the country, so you’ll be sure to find something near you.

To help you get started, check out the organisations below.

Conservation Volunteers
Greening Australia

Volunteer at your University

If you feel like spending your summer on campus (and let’s face it, most Universities are beautiful, so it wouldn’t be that bad), and want to explore life outside your books and study, your University or  will probably have a volunteering programme you can sign up to. Just go to your University’s website and search for any volunteer opportunities, or speak to your Guild representative.

Volunteer Websites

If you’re after a rewarding experience that lets you give back to your new community, there are a number of volunteer websites around that aim to connect volunteers to roles they’ll be suited for. Whether it’s café support or kitchen hand duties, administrative support, volunteering at a community sports event, or helping provide services to youth and the elderly, you’ll be able to find something you’ll want to give your time to.

GoVolunteer is a great resource with hundreds of fulfilling volunteer opportunities on offer, including tutoring, environmental work, helping at sporting events, and even gift-wrapping presents at shopping centres:

Volunteering Australia can help you connect with other volunteering organisations in your State:

Seek Volunteer is a job search website for volunteers, where you can search by categories: