Coronavirus and Workplace Laws, and Handy Tips for Keeping Your Work Records

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Records to keep

It’s very important to keep your own work records. While it’s not mandatory, it can help you address issues with your employer or seek help from the FWO if something goes wrong at work.

Here are some work records you should keep:

  • Your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) and location of the business
  • Your rostered hours and duties of work
  • Your hours of work either by using the Record My Hours app or manually recording it in a diary
  • Pay slips or bank statements
  • Written records of cash payments – if you are paid in cash, write down the date you were paid, the amount you were paid and who paid you, and
  • Any paperwork your employer provides you when you start your employment, including any contracts, or letters of offer detailing your role.

This information can help the FWO to identify workplace issues and help calculate any underpayments.

Record My Hours App

Use the FWO’s FREE Record My Hours app to keep records of your work. The app makes it quick and easy for you to record and store the hours you work, plus other information about your employment.

No data is stored centrally – you can control how this information is shared. You can save it somewhere securely, and share it with your employer or the FWO if you have a question about your entitlements.

The app is free and available in 18 languages. It can be downloaded at:

Please visit for more information.

Free webinar

Register for the FWO’s free webinar on workplace rights for young workers including internationals students scheduled for Wednesday 22 September from 2pm to 3pm AEST.