Our Guide to the Best Aussie Takeaway Spots

food delivery

Explore anyone’s web history and you’ll probably find a search for ‘food delivery near me’. Whether as a treat on the weekend or a year-round staple, takeaway and food delivery is common around the world. 

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of food delivery has surged. From supporting your favourite local eateries and keeping yourself fed when going to the supermarket isn’t an option, to even having groceries and medication dropped off at your door by your UberEats or Deliveroo driver, the world of takeaway has grown and transitioned to accommodate for the ‘new normal’. 

A typical takeaway meal can be drastically different from country to country. Let’s take you through some of the most popular options for food delivery in Australia and where you can source takeaway dishes for every dietary requirement.

But, how do I choose which restaurant to order from?!

One of the best ways to find the best vegan takeaway/hamburgers/sushi shops/anything-else-you’re-hungry-for in your area is to ask your friends! Fellow international students might be able to point you in the direction of more authentic international cuisine for a taste of home, while Aussies can help you uncover some hidden gems in your new city. 

To get you started, we’ll list a few options for places to order from – but it’s all about finding somewhere to suit your tastes!

With COVID-19, a number of takeaway restaurants and food delivery services, like UberEats, Deliveroo and MenuLog, are also offering contactless delivery, so your food will be left at your door and you and your delivery driver can remain safely distanced. If this is important to you, make sure it is a service your chosen delivery provider offers. 

Bánh mì

Australia’s proud multiculturalism means the country has adopted a huge range of international cuisines, and they’re now some of the most popular food delivery options. In particular, Vietnamese cuisine can be found on every corner in every suburb. It’s fresh, healthy, filling and perfect for a takeaway meal. With burgers being Australia’s most popular takeaway, it’s only logical that bánh mì would be so loved by locals. With crusty bread, flavourful meat, delicious sauces, fresh vegetables and a hint of chilli, the bánh mì makes an ideal takeaway lunch while you’re studying from home.

Search ‘best bánh mì in Australia’ and you’ll be flooded with opinions and recommendations. Roll’d is a chain that offers delivery, but a better way to find the best bánh mì is to try different options in your area until you hit the perfect roll.


In 2019, the humble hamburger topped the charts as Australia’s most popular takeaway. Finding a burger in Australia is pretty easy; there’s a huge range of options from recognisable fast-food restaurants (for example, McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks, which you may know as Burger King in your country!); state/territory-specific chains (check out Huxtaburger in Victoria, Nordburger in SA, or Milky Lane, which has stores in NSW, QLD and ACT!); or independent eateries in your cities. For a uniquely Aussie burger, you’ll find ingredients like beetroot, fried eggs and sometimes even pineapple added to the mix. 

Most places will offer a range of vegetarian or vegan burger options and gluten-free buns, and sometimes you’ll even spot a ‘lettuce’ bun, which is perfect for anyone eating keto. Lord of the Fries is a chain that’s vegan/kosher/halal-friendly.


Just after burgers on Australia’s most popular takeaway comes the burrito. Mexican-style takeaway, which often includes the aforementioned burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and nachos, transport well, making them perfect for food delivery. And, as you are able to ‘build your own’ and add your preferred additions and sauces, it can be a fairly healthy option (based on what you choose!).

Guzman y Gomez is a popular chain and can be found in every Australian state/territory (excluding Tasmania). Zambrero is another extremely affordable option, available Australia-wide (plus, for every burrito or bowl purchased, a meal is donated to someone in need). Almost everything on the menu at these chains can be made vegan or vegetarian, too; just tailor your order in your food delivery app, or speak to friendly staff on the phone. Much of what they serve is also halal, so just make sure to ask in advance.


Another dish that tops the charts, sushi – along with more modern takes on this Japanese staple, like sushi/poke bowls – has been a staple meal in Australia for decades. Sushi is convenient, there’s little to no mess, and it travels well. While going to a sushi train restaurant is difficult during this time, delivery sushi is the way to go.

Sushi Sushi and sushi hub are beloved chains, and you’ll find one or the other in any Aussie state or territory. Fishbowl is an incredibly popular option if you’re in NSW or Victoria (their O.G. Bowl consistently tops the charts as one of Australia’s top takeaway dishes). Most dietary requirements can be accommodated, too, so make sure you check the website when you order or chat to staff over the phone. 

The best of the rest…

This wouldn’t be a list of the best takeaway without pizza. Whether you’re looking for an affordable Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza, or want to try something a little different from Crust (for example, the Mediterranean lamb, or the vegan smoky pulled jackfruit pizza, you’re never going to struggle for pizza options in your area. Always try and support local pizzerias where you can.

Yiros/gyros or kebabs, depending on where you’re from, are another takeaway classic. They make for a great halal option and are extremely filling. There’s no Australia-wide yiros chain, so that gives you the opportunity to seek out something unique!

Dumplings are also incredibly popular across Australia, with lots of great dumpling and noodle spots located in most CBDs and, a lot of the time, in suburban areas, too. They’re usually very affordable and open late, plus some are currently accessible via food delivery services.

Finally, fish and chips – one of Australia’s national dishes. With the country’s incredible fresh seafood, finding a good local fish and chip shop is easy. For some uniquely Aussie additions, make sure to cover your hot chips with chicken salt and grab a potato fritter/cake/scallop (each state and territory has its own name, but it’s always delicious) and a fried pineapple fritter for a sweet treat.