Over the holidays, many parents and students will be looking for tutors to help them prepare for the upcoming year of study.

That means that now is the perfect time to start setting yourself up as a tutor.

Tutoring is an ideal part-time for international students. It’s flexible, rewarding and looks fantastic on a resume.

Setting yourself to be a tutor and landing a job is really quite easy. There’re just a few essential steps to getting started.

First, do a little planning

  • Identify the area of teaching you want to specialize in.
  • Decide what year-level of student you want to teach.
  • Get a together a rough lesson plan so that when you start advertising, you’ll know exactly how to sell yourself. To put together your lesson plan, find textbooks and test exam papers for the year-level you’re teaching and check out Australian Curriculum.com to see how different subjects are taught for different year-levels.

Second, start looking for jobs

There are MANY ways to find tutoring jobs.

  • By far the easiest place to start is a tutoring job site like Tutors Field Australia.  They offer thousands of tutoring jobs through their online tutor search. Potential tutors can register, set up a profile and start applying straight away.
  • Search your university and faculty jobs boards.
  • Put up your own flyers and ads.



Third, sell yourself

  • If you’re registered somewhere like Tutors Field, you’ll be able to set up a professional looking profile integrated with a background check.
  • If you don’t register with a tutoring service, make sure you have your own online profile.  It could be your own web page or a LinkedIn page.
  • If you’re planning on working with children under 18, you may want to consider getting a Working with Children Check and/or a Police Check.
  • Know what you’re offering to your students so that you can articulate it clearly when you apply.
  • Have lesson plans that closely reflect the curriculum and hurdles that your students will need to pass.

Four, land the job

  • Great work, you got your first tutoring job! Now you can start gaining experience and building a client base.