On Saturday 28 October 2017, mosques all around Australia will be opening their doors to the public and inviting you to explore. The National Mosque Open Day (NMOD) is an annual Australia-wide event, established with the purpose of educating and celebrating Islam with the local community.

If you want to learn more about being Muslim in Australia, want to understand how mosque practices may differ from that of Christian churches, or just want to have a quick tour of the building, this is the perfect opportunity.

Mosques are open all-year-round, but many non-Muslim Australians are actually unaware of this. NMOD is about further extending this openness and creating a community free of prejudice, where you can find the answer to any question you may have.

This year there are more participating mosques than ever before, each providing something unique to the day’s festivities. Many exist in capital cities and some lay their home in Australia’s regional towns, making each mosque distinct and special. On NMOD each mosque will present something unique to reflect their location and the diversity of their congregation. Some will cook BBQs, provide sweets and foods, children’s activities and some will host special exhibitions and Q&As – many will combine all of these elements.

What you are sure to find at each mosque, however, is an open and welcoming attitude. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with religious elders, Islamic leaders and other curious members of your local community.

Organised by the Lebanese Muslim Association and proudly supported by the Department of Social Services, the National Mosque Open Day is a great way to learn more about Islam and its place in Australia’s diverse culture.

Australia’s religious diversity is changing rapidly. In 1966 Christianity accounted for 88% as compared to just 52% last year. Those reporting no religion climbed from 19% in 2006 to just over 30% last year, and while Islam only accounts for 2.6% (just over 600,000 individuals) this has grown by 15% over the past 10 years. The diversity of our culture and acceptance of such is what makes Australia such a great place to live. Days like NMOD are important for contributing to a positive outlook and a healthy community.

National Mosque Open Day will be held in participating mosques on Saturday 28 October 2017, from 10am – 4pm. For more information and to find your local participating mosque, please take a look at their website here.

To keep up to date with NMOD, please check out and follow their Facebook Page.