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There are so many amazing reasons why you should study in Australia, but if you’re planning on studying for four or more months, you’ll need to organise a student visa. When it comes to student visas, there are a few different options you can apply for, each with different application processes, requirements, time limits and costs. Whatever your study situation, there’s a visa for you. This visa resources page is designed to help you understand everything visa-related as an international student in Australia. 

We know it’s daunting to move overseas to study, but it’s also exciting! Check out our city guides to gain the local knowledge you need to approach your study experience with confidence.

What can I study in Australia?

To understand what visa you’re going to need for Australia, you first want to decide what type of study you want to undertake. There are a whole range of study choices, from education providers across the country.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the different types of study in Australia
  2. Discover how studying in Australia is different to the USA and UK
  3. Use our Study in Australia Glossary to better understand unique study terms

What visas are available to international students?

There are a number of different visa options available to you as an international student, depending on how and what you want to study.

  1. Explore the top 5 Australian student visas available to international students
  2. Understand what studying in a regional area means for your student visa

What will I need to get a student visa?

There are certain requirements you will have to meet to be eligible for a student visa in Australia, including English language prerequisites, having specific health insurance, and getting your finances in check.

  1. Understand how to apply to study in Australia
  2. Learn everything you need to know about the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  3. Know which English test you should take
  4. Explore which ITELTS you will need to study for your student visa

How do I apply for my student visa?

Applying for your student visa can be a lengthy process, but if you stay organised, you’ll have no problems making sure you’re submitting everything you need in your application.

  1. Understand how to apply to study in Australia
  2. Get some top tips for putting together a great student visa application
  3. Read a guide on how to apply for a student visa if you are under-18 years old
  4. Know how to transfer from a working holiday or visitor visa to a student visa
  5. Student visas can be rejected – learn 7 reasons why this can happen

Can I work on my student visa?

As an international student in Australia, there are opportunities for you to gain employment. While on a student visa you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester and unlimited hours during semester break, allowing you to gain an income while also experiencing life in the Australian workplace.

  1. Understand if you can work part-time in regional areas
  2. Learn how to launch your own business in Australia

Can I bring my family with me to Australia?

As an international student, there may be an opportunity for you to bring your family with you when you move to Australia. Make sure you understand everything you need to know about bringing your family if you want to do this.

What do I do after I graduate?

Once you have graduated, you will need to decide what you want to do next, whether this is continuing to study or finding work, and whether you want to do this in Australia or not. Follow our guide on what you need to do once you have graduated.

What if I want to extend my student visa?

Want to continue studying in Australia? No problem! There are many different options for international students to continue their studies. Follow our guide on how to extend your student visa.

2020’s worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has meant that student visas in Australia are going through some changes. It’s important that you understand what changes have been made and how they can affect you.

  1. Read how COVID-19 can affect your studies
  2. Have your COVID-19 visa and immigration FAQs answered

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Migration agents

If you decide you want help on your visa application, you should use a registered migration agent.

For a list of registered migration agents, consult the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.