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WA Announces $41.2 Million Package for International Education

On Thursday 12 May 2022, the Government of Western Australia announced an exciting new funding package for the international education sector, including financial support for international students such as scholarships. The 2022-2023 State Budget will include $41.2 million in international education initiatives aimed at strengthening the industry and attracting international students. 

Here’s what we can expect from the package and how it may benefit you as an international student. 

Where is the funding going?

The priorities for this new package are to build a pipeline for future onshore international students, re-engage the international education agent network and offer financial support for sector recovery. 

Over four years, the money will be allocated to a wide range of initiatives, including:

For students

  • Two brand-new scholarship programs: the Premier’s University Scholarships ($2 million) and the Premier’s WA Certificate of Education (WACE) Bursary ($4 million). The Premier’s University Scholarships will offer 10 one-year scholarships of $50,000 each per year to attract high-achieving international students to WA’s five universities. The Premier’s WA Certificate of Education Bursary will offer $20,000 per annum to 50 offshore WACE graduates from WA’s international partner schools.
  • A continuation of the ELICOS Bursary and the International Student Accommodation Subsidy to bring more international students to WA ($6.8 million).
  • $3 million in additional funding for the WA Technical and Vocational Education and Training Consortium (which supports the development of offshore opportunities and student pipeline creation). 

For the sector

  • A familiarisation program for offshore stakeholders to visit and experience WA firsthand ($1 million).
  • $4.5 million in funding to StudyPerth to ensure that international students are welcomed and supported while studying in WA.
  • A $10 million incentive package for overseas education agents who enrol international students in a WA institution (this will also strive to increase awareness of WA’s international education sector through the agent network). 
  • $8 million for onshore and offshore staffing to implement these new initiatives.

What this means for international students in WA

If you’re currently or planning to study in WA, this funding package could mean a better quality of life and student experience. 

For example, with two new scholarship programs available, you will be better able to ease your financial burden. When you’re less stressed about finances, you have more time and energy to dedicate to your studies and career development. 

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Additionally, with more money being injected into the sector, the support services and events that make your student experience as amazing as possible can continue to run. Examples of such services include the StudyPerth Welcome Service and StudyPerth student events

Read the full media statement on the funding package here.