What to do if You Need Help With Your Studies

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During your time studying in Australia, you should always ask for help when you need it. No matter the issue, there will be someone or something out there to assist you. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the options to consider if you need help with your studies.

Speak up

Sometimes, just talking an issue through with another person is the best way to solve the problem. When it comes to your academic work, you should speak to your education provider’s staff first, your tutor or course coordinator, for example. They will understand your course or module better than anyone else and can provide specific directions on how to proceed if you’re struggling in their class.

Alternatively, ask other students in your class – they might be encountering the same problems as you and you can solve them together. Finally, you can speak to your friends. They might not be able to help with course-specific questions but can provide support and assistance in other ways. Whether it’s proofreading your work or providing you with study snacks when you’re stressed, sharing your burden with friends can make a huge difference.

Consult your education provider

Your education provider will always have services available to help you with your studies, either online or in-person. You should be able to find information on everything from navigating the library, referencing, and finding appropriate books and journal articles for essays, to booking a quiet study room and signing up to mentor programs for individual help. You can also contact the International Student office at your school if you’re having language troubles – they will then provide you with additional resources.

Head to your local student centre

There are dedicated student centres in many cities that offer all kinds of student support, from employment and legal advice, to educational guidance and facilities like printing and study areas. In Melbourne, go to the Study Melbourne Student Centre in the CBD. If you’re living in Brisbane, the Brisbane Student Hub in Woolloongabba offers several services. On the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Student Hub in Southport is your best bet.

Find a tutor

There are numerous independent tutoring services that can offer specialised, one-on-one help with your studies, and sessions can even be done online. Unlike the services provided by education providers, which are often overloaded with students coming to use their resources (especially during exam time), a private tutor can guarantee their attention and time. One such service is Write Squad, which is dedicated to helping international students improve their writing.

Download a study app

Nowadays, there are many free apps available for your smartphone that give you study help on-the-go. Along with dictionary and translation apps, there are apps to help you stay focused and manage your time, like Focus; note-taking apps – the best is Evernote; assignment planner apps, such as My Study Life; even memory games and quizzes, like StudyBlue, to help you take a break from your studies but keep your mind working.

Stay clear-headed and calm

The last thing you need if you’re struggling with your studies is to stress yourself out further. If you need to take a break from your work and let your mind rest, go for a walk or watch an episode of your favourite show. Then you will be fully recharged and ready to proactively seek help for the issues you’re experiencing. There are mental health apps, like Headspace, available, and your education provider will have free counselling services that you can access if you want to speak to a professional about destressing and keeping calm during busy study periods.

It’s important to feel confident with your English language expression so you have a positive and fulfilling experience studying in Australia.  Write Squad can help you to develop your writing and research skills so when you graduate you have an edge over the competition.