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10 Best Jobs for International Students in Australia

The world and how we live is constantly changing, which means our career options are evolving too.

It might be scary to commit to years of study for a career that might look completely different, or might not exist, in the future. So when you are considering your study options, it could help to understand what kind of jobs are going to be most in demand in the next few years.

If you are thinking about working in Australia after your studies, we’ve compiled a list of 10 jobs in high demand in Australia, according to the Australian Government.

1. Aged and disabled carer

Working in aged and disabled care might not provide you with the highest paying jobs, but it is a stable and rewarding career path. Aged and disabled carers provide care for the most vulnerable members of the community, which is incredibly valuable. For example, in 2020, 42 per cent of people living with disability in Australia rated their health as ‘poor’. While working in this industry, you will have an opportunity to make a huge difference to the people who need it most.

If you are compassionate and tough enough to endure long working hours, this is the job for you.

2. Engineering professional

From biomedical engineers to naval architects, there is a lot of demand for highly-educated engineering professionals to help build Australia’s future. In particular, aeronautical engineers might find themselves increasingly in demand as Australia continues to build its national space industry to reach 20,000 new jobs by 2030.

3. Civil engineering professional

Speaking of building Australia’s future, civil engineering professionals literally help build Australia. They design, plan, organise, and oversee the construction of major projects such as gas and water supply schemes, sewerage systems, roads, airports, and other structures. With a growing population, there will always be a need for civil engineering professionals, making this a very stable career path.

4. Child carer

A profession that requires patience, as well as a good sense of fun, child care services are essential to the Australian workforce (a workforce that would dramatically decrease if there weren’t enough child care options for parents to go to work). Child carers care for and supervise young children, either in residential homes or in childcare centres. Educators working in the child care field are an important part of helping children reach their full potential.

5. Accountant

If you have good maths and communication skills, accounting might be a good career in Australia for you. This career path will have you constantly learning and upskilling to remain relevant in a business and regulatory environment that is always evolving. As a role that is constantly in demand, accounting is one of the best jobs to get in Australia. 

6. Solicitor

Solicitors provide legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, and conduct negotiations on behalf of clients on law-related matters. To work in Australia as a solicitor, you will need to be fluent in English and hardworking enough to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in law.

Jobs in law make up some of the highest paying jobs in Australia, so your education could be a good financial investment. As an international student, you could be specifically well-suited to working with organisations that provide legal help and advice to international students.

7. Registered nurse

Nurses are also some of the most important members of health care services. Registered nurses provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care, other health care facilities, and in the community. Without nurses, none of these health care services would be able to operate.

There will always be a demand for nurses, so you could consider this one of the best careers in Australia for international students looking for steady employment.

8. School teacher

Primary and secondary school teachers in Australia teach a range of subjects within the Australian curriculum to students and promote students’ social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. 

As Australia has a ‘lower power distance’ culture, teachers and students might seem to have a very casual relationship compared to other countries, which could make for a more relaxed working environment.

9. Advertising and marketing professional

As businesses compete for clients and consumers, advertising and marketing professionals have become standard as in-house workers, freelancers, or contractors. If you are a motivated worker and a creative communicator, you might find jobs in this field to be some of the best jobs in Australia.

10. Software and applications programmers

Everything is digital these days, which means software and applications programmers are in more demand than ever. By providing services such as writing, testing, and updating program codes, you could have the flexibility to work in almost any industry, from security to game development.

If you are looking for other job options, the four industries in Australia with the highest predicted rates of growth are: