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Top Scholarships For International Students


Thinking about applying for a scholarship to help fund your studies in Australia? The good news is, you have a few options.

The top three government scholarships for international students in Australia

There are a range of scholarships which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia, some of which are offered by the Australian Government. Insider Guides have done the research for you and put together a list of some of the best government scholarships for international students in Australia. There’s something out there for every student – let’s find the perfect scholarship for you.

Once you’ve decided to apply, follow our step-by-step guide to winning a scholarship before entering. Beyond this list offered by the Australian government, you can also check what scholarships are offered by the Australian education providers in our guide.

Australia Awards Scholarships

These scholarships are for students in selected countries within Asia, Africa, the Pacific region and the Middle East. Specific fields of study are sponsored according to each country’s priority areas for development. There are a number of participating universities and institutions you can attend, and the scholarship generally covers full tuition fees, return airfares, board, health cover and a contribution to living expenses. Pretty incredible opportunity!

For: Bachelors/Masters/PhDs

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)

Research Training Program scholarships are offered to support domestic and international students undertaking research doctorate and research master’s degrees. Each university has its own application and selection process – some universities don’t take applications, instead eligible students will be automatically considered –  so contact your chosen university  (from the list of participating universities) directly to discuss how to apply for the RTP scheme.

For: Research Masters/PhDs

Destination Australia

The aim of the Destination Australia Program is to attract and support international and domestic students to study in regional Australia, to grow and develop regional Australian tertiary education providers and offer students a high quality learning experience. Over 1000 scholarships of $15,000 will be offered per year to support the study and living expenses associated with studying a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification at a regional campus of an eligible tertiary education provider. You can apply for the scholarship directly through specific education providers – the list of education providers offering this scholarship can be found here.

For: Certificate IV/Bachelors/Masters/PhDs

*Many government scholarships in Australia are country-specific, so be sure to check your eligibility

Scholarships through your education provider

Many education providers offer plenty of great scholarships for international students studying at all levels. You can research your options directly with your chosen education provider, or you can check out our regularly updated list here.

Tips for applying for a scholarship

Need a little help applying? Make sure to check out our tips for winning a scholarship. You’re welcome!