10 Signs You’re Dating an Australian

dating australian

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Australians – those sun-kissed, laidback, fun-loving folk, brave enough to inhabit a land with the highest amount of dangerous animals in the world, yet soft enough to complain when the temperature dips below 20°C. If you’re not from around here and have been lucky enough to fall for an Aussie – or if you are from around here and are dating a non-Aussie – you’ve probably had a lot of very confusing moments throughout your relationship. We’re willing to bet at least one of those moments are featured on this list.


If you’re from out of town, chances are, you hate this nasty black stuff and have no idea why it’s a thing. We get it – it’s an acquired taste. But Australians have grown up with this delicacy and are very defensive of it. Aussies have spent their lives having it on toast for breakfast and on sandwiches in packed lunches, so it’s part of who they are. If you live with an Australian, you definitely have a jar of Vegemite lurking in the house. Maybe it comes out every day, maybe it comes out once every three months, but every Australian knows it’s basically a law to have some Vegemite on standby for emergency cravings. Remember: the golden rule is white toast, lots of butter and a TINY smear of Vegemite! Giant spoonfuls are enough to scar anyone for life – it’s not Nutella!


You say “gas station”, we say “servo”. You say “McDonald’s”, we say “Maccas”. You say “afternoon”, we say “arvo”. You say “duvet”, we say “doona”. You get the picture. OK, sometimes the Australian version of English is more of a dialect than an accent. Aussies can’t help it – they like to shorten things or rename them so that they’re completely unrecognisable (for example, a remote location = “woop woop”). But, the more time you spend with your Aussie lover, the more you’ll pick up on and appreciate the absolute ridiculousness of Australian slang. You’ll soon know exactly what your partner means when they say, “Can you hand me my thongs, I need to run to the bottle-o before the sausage sizzle this arvo.”


Yes, Australia is hot and Aussies are used to the warm climate. But for some reason, most fair-skinned Australians are under the impression they can spend five hours at the beach and apply sunscreen maybe once, and the unforgiving Aussie sun will somehow miss them. Well, as you’ll soon find out on your many beach dates with your Aussie, this is rarely the case. No matter how much your dearest love tells you, “Nah I don’t really get burnt, hey” or “I can’t get burnt while I’m in the water”, you really shouldn’t listen to them. But hey, at least you can look forward to the next few days of listening to them complain, rubbing aloe vera on their backs, and then seeing them peeling their dead skin off and enjoying it way too much.


Aussies love a drink, but that doesn’t mean they consume alcohol like normal humans. The Mediterranean custom of enjoying drinks with food over a long period of time and, you know, being able to handle your liquor is unknown to Australians. Nope, Aussies classify a good time as running to the bottle-o (liquor store) barefoot, pegging a bag of casked wine to the clothesline and spinning it around, and sometimes pouring beer into a shoe and drinking it from there. The results of such antics are usually not pretty for anybody involved, yet Aussies continue to do it again and again and again. So, when your Australian lover announces that they want to “get on the piss”, you should probably run. Or proceed at your own risk…


The craziness of Australian “cuisine” doesn’t stop at Vegemite. Fairy bread = sprinkles on buttered bread, an absolute must at children’s parties. Pies have meat, not fruit. Burgers come with pineapple, fried egg and beetroot. Apparently, it’s weird that Australia’s national animal – the kangaroo – is also a popular meal. You’ve probably been a mixture of shocked and horrified at some of the things your Australian partner eats, and they’ve probably felt the same when you tell them you’ve never tried these insane dishes. They will then proceed to force you to try them all and tell you that you are “doing it wrong” if you say you don’t like them. But never fear, Tim Tams – in other words, the pinnacle of all treats – are genuinely delicious no matter where you’re from. We’ve done the research.


Visitors to this beautiful country have expressed their concern at the high volume of Australians seen barefoot at anywhere from the supermarket to the voting polls. Australians are also often out and about in various states of undress, due to coming from the beach or it just being really hot outside. We’re willing to bet that at some point, you asked your partner why on earth they’re going out in public in their swimwear and/or barefoot. It may seem alarming at first, but trust us, do things your partner’s way for a while and you’ll develop soles of steel – very useful when running across piping-hot sand. You’ll also come to love the less-than-casual dress code when the temperatures climb and you don’t want to wear more than a singlet, shorts and thongs (that means flip flops).


A flight from New York to London is seven hours. A flight from Athens to Marrakech is four hours. In Europe, you can even drive to the next country in little more than one hour. Our guess is that you found the flight from your home to Australia a little rough. Now, imagine doing that every single time you want to go overseas. Chances are, if you’ve complained about a 10-hour flight in front of your Australian, they’ve immediately complained about the things they have to do to travel. Look, Australia is very far away from the rest of the world and Aussies would love to be able to get anywhere on a 10-hour flight. Australian tourists don’t hang around in Europe for months on end for nothing – they just want to put off that 23-hour return flight for as long as possible.


So, your Australian is the real deal and you’ve made the big move to be with them. If you’re from north of the equator, your Christmas traditions are about to change dramatically. Gone are the days of mulled wine and eggnog by the fire – instead, you’ll be peeling fresh prawns under the sun with the barbie sizzling away in the background. Australia can’t give you a white Christmas, but it can definitely give you a white sand Christmas on one of its picturesque beaches. It’s a big adjustment experiencing Christmas when it’s 30 degrees Celsius and not 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but Australians love their summer festivities.


OK, bear with us, because this is a weird one – it’s something that most Australians are so accustomed to, they think the rest of the world does it too. Are you familiar with Tina Turner’s rendition of Nutbush City Limits? Well, when it was first released, Australia loved it so much that someone, somewhere developed a full Nutbush dance. The origins of the dance are disputed, but legend has it a sports teacher at a school developed it to teach to their students and the phenomenon spread from there. Today, there isn’t an Australian in the country who doesn’t know it, and it often gets whipped out at parties and weddings. If you want to dance the Nutbush like a real Aussie, your partner will definitely be able to teach you. You can also learn it here.


There aren’t too many Australian superstars, so you can imagine that Australians basically the worship the ones it does produce – especially celebrities like Chris Hemsworth who actually continue to live in the country once they’ve become world-famous. Your Australian will get super excited every time you express a liking for any Australian celebrity – and will probably tell you all about how they started on an Australian soap like Home & Away or Neighbours.

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