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10 Signs You’re Dating an Australian

Australians – those sun-kissed, laid-back, fun-loving folk, brave enough to live in a country with the highest amount of dangerous animals in the world, yet soft enough to complain when the temperature dips below 20°C. If you’re not from around here and you find yourself dating an Australian – or if you are from around here and are dating a non-Aussie – you’ve probably had a lot of confusing moments throughout your relationship. We’re willing to bet at least one of those moments is featured on this list. 

There’s always a jar of Vegemite in the house

If you’re from out of town, you probably hate this salty black spread and have no idea why it’s a thing. We get it – it’s an acquired taste. But Australians have grown up with this delicacy, having it on toast for breakfast and on sandwiches in packed lunches. For many, it’s a cherished part of their culture. If you live with an Australian, you definitely have a jar of Vegemite lurking in the house. Maybe it comes out every day, maybe it comes out once every three months, but every Australian knows it’s basically a law to have some Vegemite on standby for emergency cravings. Remember: the golden rule is white toast, lots of butter and a tiny smear of Vegemite. Giant spoonfuls are enough to scar anyone for life!

You have no idea what they say half the time

 You say “gas station”, they say “servo”. You say “McDonald’s”, they say “Maccas”. You say “afternoon”, they say “arvo”. You get the idea. Since the Australian version of English is more of a dialect than an accent, dating in Australia can come with a bit of a language barrier. If you’re dating an Australian, you’ve likely experienced it firsthand. Your Australian partner can’t help it – they tend to shorten things or rename them because it’s just the Australian way. But the more time you spend with your Aussie lover, the more you’ll understand and appreciate the ridiculous charm of Australian slang. Who knows, maybe you’ll start using some of it yourself!

They think they can’t get sunburnt

It’s no secret that Australia is hot. Because Australians are so used to the sun and warm climate, they have some misconceptions about their immunity to these extreme weather conditions. If you’re dating an Australian, you’ve probably heard them say at least once that they don’t or can’t get sunburnt. Spoiler alert: they can. With that in mind, make sure you stay sun safe and encourage your Aussie partner to do the same. Regularly apply sunscreen, stay in the shade when you can and drink heaps of water to stay hydrated.

Australian drinking habits are very unique

If you haven’t already realised, you will very soon: Australians love a drink. You’ll also notice that Australian drinking habits are quite unique. Depending on where you’re from, you might be accustomed to enjoying drinks with food over a long period of time. Australians often take a different approach. Typically, they like to drink quickly and a lot. They also partake in some interesting drinking games and traditions. When dating an Australian, you’ll likely see them run to the bottle-o, peg a bag of casked wine to the clothesline and spin it around. You might even see them pour beer into a shoe and drink it from there. Sounds like a sight that will make you fall even more in love, doesn’t it? The results of such antics are usually not pretty for anybody involved, but that doesn’t stop them. Proceed at your own risk…

Australians eat strange foods

As someone who is dating an Australian, you’ve probably seen – and maybe even tasted – your fair share of strange dishes. After all, the craziness of Australian cuisine doesn’t stop at Vegemite. Fairy bread = sprinkles on buttered bread. Pies have meat, not fruit. Burgers come with pineapple, fried egg and beetroot. Even Australia’s national animal – the kangaroo – is a popular ingredient in many meals. Upon seeing your Australian partner’s eats, you’ve likely felt both shocked and horrified. Don’t be surprised if they try to convince you to have a bite and tease you if you don’t like the taste – it’s all in good fun. Lucky for you, one Australian snack you’re sure to love is Tim Tams. Chocolatey and sweet, these treats are genuinely delicious no matter where you’re from. 

They can apparently do everything barefoot or half-clothed

From the supermarket to the voting polls, you’ll see barefoot, half-clothed Australians wandering around just about everywhere. Whether they’ve just come from the beach or it’s just too hot to have a full outfit on, Australians have many reasons for donning such a unique look. If you’re dating an Australian, we’re willing to bet that you’ve seen them in a similar state at least once. It may seem alarming at first, but at the end of the day, it’s the Australian way. Soon enough, you’ll come to love and embrace the less-than-casual dress code, especially when temperatures climb. In 40°C heat, you won’t want to wear more than a singlet, shorts and thongs – trust us.

Australians are no strangers to long distances

A flight from New York to London is seven hours. A flight from Athens to Marrakech is four hours. In Europe, you can even drive to the next country in just over an hour. However, the reality of travelling to and around Australia is very different. As someone who is dating an Australian, you’ll likely hear about the challenges of long distances firsthand (if you haven’t already). While a 10-hour flight may be a long and gruelling flight for you, your Australian partner is probably completely used to it. Because Australia is so remote, 10 hours is typically the minimum flight time to go anywhere overseas.  

Not to mention, travelling domestically within Australia is super time-consuming as well. Given that Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, Australians are used to travelling long distances. 

Your Christmas traditions in Australia will change

Are you not only dating an Australian but living with them as well? If so, then it’s safe to assume you’ll be spending your holidays together, including Christmas. If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere and celebrate Christmas, your festive traditions are about to change dramatically. Gone are the days of mulled wine and eggnog by the fire – instead, you’ll be peeling fresh prawns under the sun with the barbie sizzling away in the background. While Australia can’t give you a white Christmas, it can definitely give you a white-sand Christmas on one of its picturesque beaches. It might be a major adjustment at first, but Christmas traditions in Australia can be just as fun and festive as anywhere else in the world. As long as you and your Australian partner are together, you’re sure to have a wonderful day. 

Australians know how to dance the “Nutbush”

We know what you’re thinking: what in the world is the “nutbush”? Bear with us, because this is a weird one – it’s something that most Australians are so accustomed to, they think the rest of the world does it too. Are you familiar with Tina Turner’s rendition of Nutbush City Limits? Well, when it was first released, Australia loved it so much that someone, somewhere developed a full Nutbush dance. While the origins of the dance are disputed, legend has it that a sports teacher at a school developed it to teach to their students and the phenomenon spread from there. Today, there isn’t an Australian in the country who doesn’t know it – and if you’re dating an Australian, you’ll soon see that for yourself. Maybe your Australian partner has taken you to a wedding or a party and, all of the sudden, everyone is breaking out in the “nutbush” dance. Want to know how to keep up? Your Australian partner will definitely be able to teach you. Otherwise, you can also learn it here.

They get super excited about Australian celebrities

Margot Robbie, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman – Australia has produced many superstars who have taken the world by storm. Unsurprisingly, Australian locals are super proud of their talented fellow citizens. When dating an Australian, you’ll notice pretty quickly how excited they get when you express a liking for any Australian celebrity. Next, they’ll probably tell you all about how they started on an Australian soap opera like Home & Away or Neighbours. Before you know it, your knowledge of Australian celebrity trivia will be top-notch.