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10 Top Reasons to Live in a Share House

share house brisbane

Decided to study in Australia but still a little unsure of where to live? If you’re after an authentic Aussie housing experience, why not consider a share house? Share houses allow you to live in a house or apartment with other people, sharing costs, responsibilities, and spaces. They’re a popular option for students because they offer a number of unique benefits that suit university life well. Here are some of the top reasons to live in a share house while you’re studying in Australia.

Meeting New People

Living in a share house is a great way to start a new circle of friends. You’ll likely be living with other students or people your age, so you might even make your first friends before arriving on campus. Moving into a share house also opens up your social circle beyond your housemates; you’ll probably find that you start hanging out with friends of friends, as well as friends of friends of friends!

Independence with added support

Living in a share house is a wonderful way to take your first step living away from home. You can learn what it’s like to take care of a household by paying your own rent and bills and get your first taste of independence. But, you won’t have to deal with the stress of doing it alone: in a share house, you can take on roles and responsibilities as a group. Unlike living alone, you can share everything from grocery shopping to cleaning, which takes a lot of pressure off when you’re trying to balance study and living.

Learning Experience

Living with a group of housemates not only means you can hone your ability to participate in team housekeeping, but you can also learn many other important skills. You can educate yourself on each other’s cultures, learn to cook new cuisines and boost your social skills at the same time.

Improving Your English

One of the best ways to improve your English language skills is by chatting and practising in a casual environment. Living with a group of people means you’ll never have to look far when you want to work on your ability to read, write or speak in English.

Secure a room before you arrive

If you opt to live in a share house, you could even find a room before you arrive in Australia. If you take advantage of student housing service providers, like Brisbane Students, your housing situation can be sorted out remotely. They make looking for share houses easy by providing fully furnished properties, bus tours that show you around multiple accommodation options in Brisbane, and 24/7 customer service from multilingual team members if you run into any issues. Plus, your weekly rental cost at some properties includes cleaning and gardening – win!

Cheaper living

Generally, living in a share house is a cheaper option compared to living alone, as rent, utilities and, sometimes, food are split between housemates. If you want to go one better, rental services like Brisbane Students make paying your rent simple and affordable. Your cost per week includes rent, electricity, water, gas, and internet, so you know exactly how much you’re spending each week.

Being Part of A Support Network

When you move into a share house, it’s likely that you’ll be sharing a space with other students, many of whom might be from other countries. This means you can be part of a support network that supports one another through the experience of moving away from home. Over time, you’ll probably find that your housemates practically become family members.

Choose from a variety of locations

Because sharing a house is such a common way to live in Australia, no matter what city you’re in, you’ll typically have a variety of locations to choose from. You can live close to campus for greater convenience, in the suburbs where you can enjoy more space, or in the inner city where restaurants, nightlife, and shops are on your doorstep.

A share house to suit your needs

There are multiple share house arrangements to choose from in Australia. You can decide on various building types (from cosy apartments to big houses with large shared spaces), the number of tenants you’ll be sharing with, and which facilities you want to be included (perhaps you need a bath at the end of a long day of studying!). With such an abundance of share houses available, you can find an option that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

Sharing a Unique Experience

From gaining independence as you take on adult responsibilities to forming close bonds with the people you live with, a share house opens you up to a number of experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. In a share house, you’ll no doubt create unique memories during your time in Australia that you’ll cherish forever.