Adelaide for Adventure-Lovers

adventure in Adelaide

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If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, or just want to take a break from the books, there are plenty of adventurous activities on offer all over Australia.

Around Adelaide in particular, you’ll find some seriously unique experiences to get your heart racing. Gather your daredevil friends, choose your challenge, and go on a bold adventure.

RoofClimb Adelaide Oval

One of the city’s most recognisable landmarks – the enormous Adelaide Oval – is the go-to location for AFL, cricket, and musical superstars. But, did you know you can also explore the Oval from above? RoofClimb Adelaide Oval takes you directly to the roofline, high above the stands, where you’ll enjoy incredible, picturesque views of the city and beyond. Choose between a nighttime climb to enjoy the sparkling lights of Adelaide, a twilight climb to watch the sunset, and a daytime climb with unobscured views as far as the eye can see. For the particularly brave, there’s a lean-out point 50 meters above the ground (pictured above).

Mega Adventure Adelaide

The Mega Adventure obstacle course in West Beach is a towering contraption. This aerial park comes complete with sky-high games of tennis, BMX biking through the air, and rowboats sitting 20 metres above ground. After maneuvering through 70 obstacles in Mega Adventure’s SkyChallenge, you should try launching yourself eight metres in the air on the MegaBounce (all while safely strapped into a harness). For panoramic views of Adelaide from the perfect seaside location, try the SkyWalk, which is a more gentle activity that doesn’t require a harness. Don’t forget your camera!


A popular activity in South Australia, skydiving is the perfect opportunity to take in the state’s beautifully diverse landscape as you freefall towards it – you just have to pick your views. Select from skydives over the coast, wine regions, river valleys, or even motorsport parks. Note: if you’re lucky, some coastal jumps come with the added bonus of whale spotting. You can also choose your jump height, your length of freefall, and, in some cases, whether you’d like to deploy your own parachute.

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Diving with sharks in Port Lincoln

This one takes ‘facing your fear’ to the ultimate extreme. While you’re in South Australia, there’s no better time to get up close and personal with great white sharks. Numerous tours in Port Lincoln offer you the opportunity to go shark cage diving, where you can meet the sharks in their natural habitat. Lowered down in a cage that protects you from all sides, you’ll be completely safe as the sharks swim by. The crystal-clear waters also allow perfect visibility for spotting other sea creatures living just beneath the waves.

V8 Race Car Driving

South Australia has a long history with car races, the most famous being the Adelaide 500 (formerly the Clipsal 500). It’s an annual race complete with a longstanding, bitter rivalry between car brands Ford and Holden. If you’re a car racing fan, get a firsthand taste of it in a V8 supercar at Mallala Motorsport Park. Just imagine 450 HP, real race car drivers instructing you, and seriously high speeds. You can either get behind the wheel yourself or opt for front seat hot laps, where a driver will show you how professional racing is done (in other words, they’ll drive very fast).

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours

For an entirely different type of thrill, ghost tours of the old Adelaide Gaol are bound to get your heart racing and your palms sweaty. Considered Adelaide’s most haunted location (and one of the two oldest remaining public buildings in Adelaide) the Gaol is rich in history and spooky, paranormal sightings. Investigate the ghostly phenomena that the Gaol is famous for, hear the stories of old prisoners, and get ready for a creepy evening.