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Arranging Overseas Student Health Cover

Arranging health cover before you depart for Australia is an essential component of pre-departure planning. All international students in Australia must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire period of their stay.

What does OSHC cover?

Your OSHC will cover costs towards both in-hospital and out-of-hospital medical assistance, prescription medication and emergency ambulance assistance. It’s critical you understand the extent of your cover so you don’t get any nasty surprise expenses when you’re in Australia. Check with your provider for a complete list of what is and isn’t covered.

How do I arrange OSHC?

Whoever you choose for your OSHC make sure you arrange it before departing for Australia, you have paid any required fees and that the policy covers your entire stay. Your institution and agent will help you do this.

Do I need to take out any other insurance?

Your OSHC is not a replacement for travel insurance and as such will not cover travel-related claims incurred during your journey to Australia. This insurance must be purchased separately, although they can be purchased from the same insurance provider. If you are bringing any valuable, electronic or sporting goods with you, then consider increasing your policy to cover the value of these items.

What else do I need to arrange?

Go to see your doctor before you depart home for studying in Australia. This will allow you to check up on any existing medical conditions, receive/renew any required medications and prepare for the journey to Australia. If you are bringing medication to Australia, you must bring appropriate documentation as Australia has strict customs laws.