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Aussie Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

australian streetwear brands

If you’re too impatient for international shipping, can’t be bothered battling for limited edition sneakers and streetwear, or simply want to support Australian businesses, then there is a whole range of cool and unique Australian streetwear brands you can check out.

As the country heads into spring, it’s a great time to look at buying a few key pieces for your wardrobe to last you through the warmer months. Whether you’re after fun graphic tees or ethically sourced closet staples, here are some of the best Aussie streetwear (and skatewear) brands.


One of the most iconic Melbourne streetwear brands, Kodama is a sustainable unisex streetwear brand, designed and made in Melbourne. Founded by designer Natsuko Kondo, who is originally from Japan but grew up in Brisbane, the apparel is inspired by Melbourne’s culture, excellent coffee and fashion scene. 

Kodama specialises in staples made from hemp and organic cotton and outerwear, with a range of overcoats crafted from eco-friendly materials. The clothing is generally neutrally coloured, and is designed to be worn across multiple seasons, so it’s great for stocking up on sustainable wardrobe staples. 

Fast Times

A national chain of stores, Fast Times stocks a huge range of local and international street and skatewear brands (it’s also a great place to check for limited edition sneaker drops). Fast Times has its own branded apparel, too, including t-shirts, jackets, and hats.

Butter Goods

If you love skatewear, then Butter Goods – 100% owned and operated by skateboarders – is the ideal pick. Since its foundation in Perth in 2008, Butter Goods has gone on to do collaborations with well-known brands such as HUF and DC Shoes, but is most recognisable for its bright graphic tees and unique prints. 

Stocked worldwide, you might even be able to find Butter Goods clothing and accessories in your home country!

First Ever

Known as Australia’s leading sports apparel brand, First Ever is behind all the official apparel for the country’s National Basketball League (NBL) and Softball Australia. So, if you’re looking to support your favourite NBL or softball team, this is the number one place to look for merch

The company also provides the option to purchase custom clothing. Whether you want specific sports uniforms or comfortable tees and track pants just for lounging in front of the TV (no judgement here!), you should be able to find what you’re looking for from First Ever.

Sure Store

Sure Store is one of the best streetwear stores in Melbourne, and stocks well-known sports and streetwear brands like Nike, Stüssy, and Vans, but also offers its own branded Sure apparel, with a huge range of clothing and accessories. 


Oli started in Perth in 2012, with designer Oliver McDonald screen-printing t-shirts in his home studio. The Oli team has now grown, but the brand still sticks to its casual, comfortable roots while offering a wider variety of products. Oliver is also looking to make Oli more sustainable and is planning to introduce plastic-free reusable packaging and environmentally-friendly fabrics in the coming months. 

With a huge range of snuggly jumpers and embroidered beanies, Oli is a great place to start stocking up on winter essentials.


Another homegrown skatewear store, Pass~Port started in Sydney in 2009 to make up for the lack of Australian-made skateboards at the time. Since then, the brand has expanded into apparel and accessories and is available worldwide (even collaborating with Vans!). The Pass~Port website also offers a whole range of prints and vinyl records if you’re looking for gift ideas.


If you’re looking for streetwear in Melbourne, Melbourne-based streetwear label HoMie not only produces comfortable and quality apparel, but also commits 100% of its profits to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship across Australia. The brand is gender-neutral (you’ll find its core range packed with colourful t-shirts and hoodies), and every item is ethically produced in either Melbourne or Brunswick. 


If you are looking for ethical Australian streetwear, ICHPIG is the brand for you. Started by two brothers in Melbourne in 2010, ICHPIG focuses on sustainable and local manufacturing. With the distinctive logo emblazoning a range of comfortable and high-quality products – ranging from graphic tees to anoraks, socks, and even skateboard decks – ICHPIG is great for stocking up on cool basics.


You can’t talk about streetwear in Australia without talking about Afends. Starting in sunny Byron Bay in 2006, Afends is committed to sustainability through its apparel. From unique (and biodegradable!) hemp denim garments and jumpers to using recycled polyester, tree fibres, and organic cotton for its pieces, you know that you’re doing your bit for the environment when you’re buying from Afends.