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Ignite your curiosity

Review all the insights and advice from australiaX 2020

The australiaX Series, powered by PTE Academic, had a mission: to ignite your curiosity towards study in Australia and boost your chances of career and personal success.
Over two days in October, the first ever australiaX International Student Series passed in a whirlwind of conversations, workshops and presentations, with many students attending from around the world.
Together we explored topics of employability, visa pathway options, English language tips and building resilience for success. If you were able to attend we hope you found these topics helpful no matter your stage of your Australian study experience.

Explore your study opportunities

Australian Visa updates

Entrepreneurship and jobs of the future

Building your network

Handling online interviews like a pro!

English language exams

Mythbusting the english language test

Australian Visa updates

Resilience & Future-Readiness

Learn from the challenges, experiences and stories of fellow international students. Let’s explore the opportunities available to you in Australia!