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The 10 Best Websites and YouTube Channels for Isolation Recipes

best recipe websites

Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stop eating healthy meals. While UberEats is an easy solution to your dinner problems, why not spend your newfound free time learning to cook? 

There are hundreds of websites, YouTube tutorials and social media accounts run by professional chefs, nutritionists and everyday foodies providing easy to follow recipes for you to follow in the comfort of your own home. 

This is the ideal time to polish your culinary skills and master some new dishes that are both healthy and tasty, so we’ve put together a list of the best recipe websites below. Bon appétit. 


Tasty is a great place to learn new recipes whilst also having some fun. The YouTube channel has videos demonstrating how to turn everyday ingredients into mouth-watering meals along with easy to follow recipes for any time of the day. One of the most popular videos at the moment shows you how to make three different meals using just three ingredients, something very useful when you’re trying to avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket.

Last Ingredient

Chicago-based food lover and interior designer Paige Adams breaks down all the intricacies of how to make tantalising meals on her Instagram. Not only are the pictures of her finished meals visually pleasing and full of colour, but her recipes are also packed full of vitamins and flavour to make sure you’re eating something that’s as tasty as it is nutritious. 

Scrambled with Gordon Ramsay 

Foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s latest online series finds the easily angered Scotsman inviting famous guests (such as DJ/producer Zedd, wrestlers The Bella Twins, former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey) into his house to cook simple dishes involving eggs. You might think eggs are pretty boring but Ramsay shows there are multiple ways you can use eggs to create delicious dishes. If you want to learn how to cook the perfect fried egg while watching Steve-O squirt hot sauce in his eye, this is the series for you! 

Deliciously Ella

For those who enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, it’s worth checking out Ella Mills’ Instagram. The entrepreneur and mother of one shares fantastic photos of her homemade gluten and sugar-free dishes alongside photos of her cute baby daughter. Ella has built a food empire over the years that also includes a website, podcast, app and cookbooks, with her recipes great for those wanting a healthy and nutritious plant-based diet. 

Food Wishes

Hosted by Chef John (otherwise known as John Mitzewich), Food Wishes is a YouTube channel that hosts hundreds of fantastic recipes you can make at home. Chef John caters to varying abilities, with recipes ranging from simple rice dishes to roasting an entire chicken. Along with offering a great variety of meal choices, Chef John is a great narrator with a quirky sense of humour. 


Priding itself on being Australia’s premium food and lifestyle brand, delicious. is a great place to find recipes for pretty much every cuisine that comes to mind. Whether you’re craving a banh mi or looking to bake a banana cake, ‘delicious.’ has you covered. Their “60 healthy dinners you can cook in 30 minutes” will provide you with endless options to make sure you’re eating the good stuff whilst in self-isolation. 

You Suck At Cooking

This YouTube series has been popular for a number of years now and regularly attracts millions of views per video. This isn’t your standard cooking show, with each episode including original theme music, sketches and hilarious narration as you learn how to cook basic and tasty dishes with everyday ingredients. It’s also worth following their Instagram if you like a good chuckle. 

Bon Appetit

This long-running American food magazine now extends to a website, YouTube channel and Instagram page where you can find scrumptious home-cooked recipes with detailed instructions that even the most inexperienced cooks can follow. Many of their recent articles explain how to cook with limited ingredients and which recipes are great to follow in isolation, especially their 89 recipes with 5 ingredients or less piece that includes a salt and vinegar rösti and seared mushrooms with garlic and thyme.

Binging With Babish

One of the most popular YouTube chefs with a following of over 5 million subscribers, Andrew Rea is a master of demonstrating the basics of cooking. His videos are unique in that they focus on the cooking process and don’t often show his face, with Rea more concerned about creating incredible looking meals that taste great than getting his face on-screen.

Food Minimalist

Boston food lover Lucia Lee brings you minimal, Asian influenced dishes you can make in a bowl. Lee provides a brief description about each dish alongside easy to follow instructions for scrumptious meals like the incredible looking gochujang-marinated chicken, rice and noodle salad and the mouth-watering pan-seared salmon with anchovy garlic butter sauce.