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The Best YouTube Channels for Working Out at Home

best youtube workouts

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Are you an avid gym-goer and missing your regular workouts? Maybe you’re a member of a sports club that’s postponed sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions. Whatever your situation, we all know how important it is to keep active and move our bodies – especially as we spend more time at home. 

Fortunately, YouTube has got more than enough free workouts to keep you active during self-isolation! Here are the six best channels to get your sweat on while we stay indoors to stay safe. Make space and fit in time for some great ways to keep moving all from the comfort of your living room (No need to even get out of your PJs).


Roll out your mat and bring some zen into your home with yoga classes. The benefits of practising yoga are endless: more flexibility, better posture, increased blood flow and overall relaxation to name a few. Let Yoga with Adriene show you how to bend and flex with her high-quality, easy to follow yoga videos. As an international yoga teacher with a mission to get the tools of yoga into homes, it’s easy to understand why her channel is popular, amassing over 7 million subscribers. There are hundreds of videos to choose from on her channel, but a good starting point is her Yoga for Beginners or Foundations of Yoga series. As you move to become a seasoned yogi, progress to her more intense total body yoga playlists. Namaste, friends!


High-intensity interval training better known as HIIT is the ultimate workout to raise your heart rate and tone your whole body. A queen of the at-home HIIT workouts is MadFit, and while you’ll discover all styles of fun fitness videos on her channel, her HIIT workouts are, well, a hit! Take on a full-body 30-minute HIIT or if you’re short on time, try the 15-minute videos. These workouts require no equipment so you can feel free to jump right in. After one of these sessions, you’ll work up a sweat and feel super for doing so. Time to hit it!


Pilates focuses on core strength, and through subtle and repetitive movements, trains the whole body. Over the years, Pilates has risen in popularity, with many dedicated Pilates studios popping up all over Australia. Bring the studio to your home with Blogilates, a channel offering videos for all levels of experience. Renowned trainer Cassey Ho has 5.5 million subscribers on her platform, and delivers versatile POP Pilates classes that work your body from head to toe. Give these a try: standing Pilates for legs, butt and obliques or focus on your core with the Pilates core sculpting workout. Prepare for the burn!


Combine fun and fitness with a dance workout! Not only does it help with balance and coordination, but it also boosts your mood. For feel-good dance tutorials, check out Kyle Hanagami, LA-based choreographer to the stars. Hanagami brings fun-filled and high-energy dance workouts to your living room. Turn up the volume and dance to Break my Heart by Dua Lipa, Adore You by Harry Styles and many more of your favourites as you learn whole routines from start to finish. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you show off your new moves the next time you hit the dance floor – time to move your body!

Cardio kickboxing

Get ready to burn calories with a cardio kickboxing workout. This exercise is high-intensity that combines kickboxing, dance and fitness what a beautiful trio! Head to POPSUGAR Fitness and move along to the 30-minute no equipment kickboxing class that features modifications if needed. Or, why not try your hand at a combo boxing and kickboxing workout? Each video features professional and celebrity trainers, so you know you’re learning from the best in the business. Ready for kick-off?

Mix of classes (including weight training)

Are you craving variety for your at-home workout routine? Mix up your workout regime with the fantastic duo over at Fitness Blender. With over 600 full-length workouts to choose from and applicable to every fitness level, you can complete one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from their smart workouts, a focus is also placed on eating healthy whole foods to keep your body fuelled. An added bonus is their free online calendar that is fully customisable and helps track your progress over time. Embrace the supportive online workout community with Fitness Blender. Ready, set, go!