Careers of the Future: Logistics

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Globalisation, automation and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different to now. In fact, many current careers won’t exist in the next 10 to 20 years. So, it’s critical that students ask the important question: ‘Will my chosen study path lead to strong job opportunities after graduation and beyond?’

In this series, we’re exploring a range of occupations forecast to have strong employment prospects in the future. Some careers in the tech industry are quickly emerging. Plus, there are other existing careers that will also have an important place in the employment opportunities of tomorrow. This time, we’re diving into the logistics industry.

Have you ever considered how far your food, clothes and other essentials have travelled to get to you? With the rise of global trade and online shopping, the logistics of the transport routes that go around the globe are becoming ever more complicated. If you’re passionate about problem-solving, a career in logistics could be the perfect fit.

What is logistics?

Logistics professionals manage the distribution of resources around the world, ensuring raw materials and consumer goods arrive safely and on-time to their destination. Australia’s low population density and huge landscape mean logistics makes up around 8% of the country’s GDP. Over the next five years, it’s anticipated there will be around 22,000 job openings in the industry.

There are six stages of logistics, with each requiring trained workers.

  • Sourcing
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Production
  • (Later stage) storage
  • Distribution

What kinds of careers are available?

As a logistics professional, you can choose between a range of different jobs that contribute to each stage of the process. The transportation industry is also closely related to logistics, with many professionals working in both at different points during their careers. Options include:

  • Procurement managers
  • Distribution centre managers
  • Operations managers
  • Crane, hoist and lift operators
  • Truck drivers
  • Storepersons
  • Freight and furniture handlers
  • Waterside workers
  • Forklift drivers

Why work in the industry?

Room to grow

The Transport and Logistics sector employs nearly half a million people in Australia. That number is set to grow, largely in occupations related to road freight and warehousing and storing services. By studying logistics, you will receive in-demand qualifications that set you up for a career with the potential for significant financial and professional satisfaction.

Worldwide opportunities

By definition, logistics is an international field, with employers looking for graduates that are willing to travel and can communicate across cultures. If you are hoping to see the world or bring your skills back to your home country, a career in logistics could be the perfect option for you.

Challenge yourself

When transporting goods both nationally and internationally, there is never a dull moment. Logistics professionals are required to respond to last-minute crises and keep a calm head when things don’t go to plan. Every day on the job will be another chance to learn and improve the complex systems that keep our world turning.

Essential skills

Although most people don’t even notice the effort that goes into transporting the things they use every day, we would be lost without the sector. In your career, you could contribute to getting food and medicine to those in need, or be part of an ethical supply chain that prioritises inclusivity and fair trade.

Education pathways

Logistics professionals often begin their careers with technical training, followed by a hands-on apprenticeship or work placement. Depending on where you see yourself fitting into the industry, you can start with a specific trade or take a more managerial route:

Student Story

Mark Robinson studied a Certificate III in Food Processing and Logistics at Strategix International College. Before transitioning into a career in logistics, Mark was in the Navy and then worked in freight for Qantas for many years. At 56, he was looking for a way to get back into employment and now works at a Coles distribution centre.

“I went online and I started looking at different jobs and I came across order selectors,” he says. “All the major supermarkets have order selectors, so I looked into getting some qualifications that employers might recognise and came to Strategix.”

After studying at Strategix, Mark is happy with his decision. It was through his connections at Strategix that he got a job interview at Coles.

“The campus is first-class, and I found the instructors very engaging and supportive,” he says. “I particularly enjoyed the fact that there was real-world experience there; people who could not only take a situation on paper but also explain it to you in a way that you could understand because they had experienced it in their workplaces.”

Want to study for a future career in logistics?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in logistics, Strategix is a great place to start. With simulated warehouse facilities on-campus, plus Strategix-owned forklifts and trucks, students can gain experience in all aspects of the industry.

Strategix also has strong industry links, thanks to over 25 years working with large domestic and international companies including Coles, Woolworths, Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Asahi and Aldi. Strategix’s training programs in forklift operation and picking and processing, for example, were ratified by local industry training institutions.

Strategix also has strong international connections, especially in Vietnam. Through an Aus4Skills initiative in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology, Strategix was involved in developing a competency-based training model for the logistics industry in Vietnam. A total of 33 graduates (including 16 female students) from Ho Chi Minh College of Economics (HCE) and Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) have now successfully completed their course and started their career in logistics.

For more information on studying logistics in Australia as an international student, visit the Strategix website.