Australian Culture

Top Aussie Myths Debunked

Long before Australia was colonised by the British, people in the northern hemisphere believed that there was a great and mysterious land on the other side of the world – they called it Terra Australis… Read more

Daylight Savings in Australia

International students living in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia or Tasmania should be aware of the beginning and end of daylight saving time (DST or daylight savings) in Australia. In Australia,… Read more

Essential Aussie Food Experiences

11 essential Aussie food experiences that every international student must try: 1.  Pavlova Even though the true origins of this dessert are hotly debated, the Pavlova has been an Australian favourite for nearly a century…. Read more

A Brief Guide to the History of Australia

Australia is a diverse and fascinating country, with an Aboriginal population dating back many thousands of years. This very basic overview is our starting point for international students wanting to know more about the nation’s… Read more

Australian Basics

Time Zones Three different time zones stretch across this vast country. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST (UTC +10)) covers New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Tasmania (TAS)…. Read more