Money and Banking

Managing Your Budget

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The Ultimate Guide to Save Money

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How to Transfer Money Overseas

If you need to transfer money overseas – you’re not alone! In 2016, Australians transferred over $8 billion overseas, according to the World Bank.

Take Your Super Home With You

Do you know that if you leave Australia permanently you can apply to take your super with you? Read our guide to make sure you aren’t missing out.

Top Tips for Finding Student Discounts

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a bargain, and when you’re a student it becomes even more important. You feel overworked, stressed, you’re lacking in funds, but you still want to go out… Read more

Quick Dinners for Students on a Budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in a food rut! Here’s 5 fast, flexible and inexpensive dinners, perfect for busy international students. 1. Make-in-Minutes Personal Pizza This Make-in-Minutes… Read more

Top 7 Tips for Credit Card Comparison

This article has been supplied by CreditCard EDU. For more information please visit their website. Becoming a student often means growing up and learning to think for yourself. Yes, it means going to class and getting… Read more

Where to Find Student Discounts

Did you know that your student card and email address can unlock some great savings?  Make the most of the discounts available to you while you study with these awesome deals. UNiDAYS Sign up to… Read more

Secret Travel Hacks to Save You Money

Tips and tricks to save some serious cash on travel. Learn all the little secrets to reducing the cost of your airfares and avoid all the extra fees companies try to add on.

Life on the Cheap in Your City

Food Shopping Timing plays a significant role in saving money at the supermarket. Shopping at the end of the day allows you to pick up bargains. Avoid shopping while hungry as you may buy unnecessary… Read more