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7 Creative Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Get with a Business Degree

This article is sponsored by Curtin University

When you first think of business, you may think of traditional disciplines such as economics, human resources (HR) and accounting. But business studies is an incredibly diverse field – and so are the career pathways you could pursue with a business degree. In fact, many business subjects overlap with creative fields such as design, illustration, curation, fashion and writing – leading to careers that are a blend of the practical and the creative. 

Let’s take a look at seven creative jobs you can get with a business degree.

1. UX designer

User experience (UX) design means designing digital products (such as websites) that are easy and enjoyable for consumers to use. UX designer jobs involve big-picture thinking of the entire user journey – from the user acquiring the product to how they integrate it into their day-to-day life. UX designers touch on creative elements like branding, design, usability and function.

User interface (UI) design is part of UX design but focuses specifically on the interface with which the user interacts, such as the touchscreen on a smartphone.

Business degrees are a great platform for gaining UI and UX design jobs because they provide you with an understanding of marketing strategy and consumer behaviours. By understanding your customer base, you’ll be able to create products they’ll interact with and enjoy using.

2. Web developer

Web developers are the technical experts who construct the digital foundations of today’s business websites. They focus on creating platforms that are not only reliable and efficient but also meet the company’s strategic goals. With a thorough knowledge of coding languages and development frameworks, they ensure that a site’s structure is secure and its backend operations are seamless.

Working alongside UX designers, web developers focus on the technical side to make sure the website works well, ensuring it looks good and performs smoothly. Their role is key in weaving business strategies like search engine optimisation into the website, supporting the company’s broader digital footprint.

3. Social media executive

Social media executives are in high demand – and gaining a business degree is an effective pathway to becoming one. Social media executives have an in-depth knowledge of different platforms and plan and execute comprehensive social media strategies across platforms to enhance a company’s brand or overall business strategy. 

Business degrees emphasise critical thinking, strategic planning, marketing, data analysis skills, project management and communication skills – all of which are vital skills for a social media executive. 

4. Fashion designer

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in fashion design, taking a business degree could be an invaluable move.

Fashion designers need to have a strong grasp of marketing, branding and market research so they can produce designs that will be appealing to consumers. 

Business degrees will also give you a solid grounding in entrepreneurial thinking, strategic planning, financial management, risk assessment and project management – useful skills both for running your own fashion business, or working for an established fashion design company.

5. Art curator

The combination of a business degree with a fine art qualification provides the perfect foundation to become an art curator. Alongside a solid understanding of the contemporary art and gallery landscape, curators understand the business aspects of running a gallery and acquiring artwork.

Art curators have excellent project management, negotiation, procurement and financial management skills to organise successful exhibitions. Business degrees teach you these skills, as well as market analysis, promotion logistics and supply chain management; and problem-solving skills, which are all key aspects of art curation.

6. Graphic designer

Graphic design is another creative field where a business degree can take you. Graphic designers design for the market, so learning to analyse markets and consumer behaviour through a business degree is invaluable.

Problem-solving, communication and innovative thinking are also important in graphic design. A graphic designer must be able to identify and address design issues, find creative ways to visually express brand identities, and communicate effectively with clients and other stakeholders. A business degree with a focus on brand and marketing will stand you in good stead.

7. Innovation analyst/Start-up advisor

Innovation analysts and start-up advisors bridge the gap between creative thinking and strategic business planning. Innovation analysts bring a creative perspective to the table, spotting trends and leveraging them to suggest innovative product ideas or cutting-edge strategies. Meanwhile, start-up advisors are the guides for new businesses, steering them through their initial growth phase and moulding early-stage concepts into actionable and strong business models.

8. Tourism and event manager

Venture into the dynamic realm of tourism and event management with a business degree in hand. This role is more than organising and logistics; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences. Tourism and event managers use their business knowledge to handle the strategic planning, marketing and financial management of events or tour packages. With a business degree, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of market dynamics, consumer preferences, and promotional tactics that enable you to plan, market, and execute travel packages and events to optimise profitability and participant experience.

When you pursue a Bachelor of Innovation at Curtin University, you’ll have the freedom to choose from any of these creative specialisations. From fine arts to fashion design to creative writing, there’s a specialisation to suit every creative passion.

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