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Culture in Sydney


Sydney’s got culture coming out of its ears. Everywhere you look in the city you’ll see theatres, flyers for concerts and performances both local and international. It’s just a question of which of the many options you want to go for.

It may be one of the most iconic buildings aesthetically, but The Sydney Opera is House also a real cultural hub. Far from just showing opera performances, the Sydney Opera House has music, theatre, comedy, events and of course opera. Not far from the Sydney Opera House there’s the Sydney Theatre Company (STC), which is a key venue for Australian drama.

Housed within a unique building that brings together gothic, Italian and art deco elements, The State Theatre shows a variety of performances including comedy acts and also hosts functions and events. And then there’s the Belvoir Street Theatre – an artsy venue that shows the work of some of the country’s most prominent playwrights, directors, actors and designers. But we couldn’t leave out the fancy Sydney Lyric Theatre, which is the city’s premier live entertainment venue showing large-scale musicals, theatre, concerts, opera and ballet.

In terms of art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in The Rocks is about as big as it gets in the country – it’s Australia’s leading museum showcasing, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across the country and around the globe. Another option is the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which has five levels of art including one of the largest Aboriginal art collections in the country. There’s also European, Asian, local and international art.

For a full-blown museum, there’s the Museum of Sydney, which houses relics from many ages. There are archaeological remains, sculptures, books, souvenirs and more.

If you’re not sure what you want to see or where to go to get the most out of Sydney’s culture, you can jump onto the Sydney Culture Walks app for your phone and it’ll guide you through the city’s very best cultural offerings.