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Embracing Alternative Pathways To University: Grace’s Story

This article is sponsored by Flinders University Academy

When Grace, an international student from the Philippines, set out to study in Australia, she didn’t know that her journey would take her through an unexpected yet rewarding detour.

Instead of diving straight into her first preference course at university, she found herself at Flinders University Academy to undertake a Pre Masters Business Program. Grace’s story is a powerful reminder for students to stay flexible and adaptable when pursuing their educational goals.

Discovering Flinders University Academy

Initially, Grace had no intention of studying abroad. However, her aunt and uncle, who reside in Adelaide, urged her to consider the option, emphasising Australia’s welcoming attitude towards international students. Her cousin’s positive experience studying nursing at Flinders University provided further inspiration for her to explore this opportunity.

Grace conducted thorough research to prepare for her studies abroad, watching numerous YouTube videos to gather insights. She also joined a group page dedicated to international students from the Philippines who were already studying in Adelaide. By engaging with these students, Grace was able to ask them questions about the requirements and necessary steps she needed to take for a successful transition to studying in Australia.

Grace’s plan was to pursue a Master of Accounting and Finance at Flinders University. However, she didn’t meet certain requirements, leading her to be offered the Pre Master Business Program at Flinders University Academy. This seven-week program is designed to serve as a direct pathway to either an MBA or a Master of Accounting at Flinders University. 

“I thought that was a really great choice for me because it’s such a short time frame,” says Grace.

What’s more, Flinders University Academy is located on the same campus and uses the same facilities as Flinders University, making the transition to her master’s degree even smoother.

What is a pre-masters program?

A pre-masters program can be considered a type of bridging or foundation course, specifically designed for students transitioning from an undergraduate degree to a master’s program. While foundation courses are generally aimed at preparing students for undergraduate studies, pre-masters programs focus on providing the necessary skills and knowledge for advanced, graduate-level coursework. 

These programs not only help students like Grace meet the academic and language requirements for their chosen master’s degree but also provide a seamless transition to the higher education level. In a pre-master’s program, students enhance their language skills, develop academic abilities and delve into subjects relevant to their master’s degree. Upon completing the pre-master’s program, they can confidently join the master’s program at the same institution, feeling well-prepared for their advanced studies.

The benefits of a pre-master’s program

Grace credits her pre-master’s experience for making her transition into the Master’s of Accounting smoother and more enjoyable. Despite her initial concerns about adjusting to a new environment and keeping up with her studies, she found her program at Flinders University Academy to be an intensive and valuable learning experience. The program provided her with essential skills in English and Business, which would later prove beneficial in her Accounting studies. She also learnt academic skills specific to Australia’s higher education model. 

“We learnt about essays and how to do the proper referencing which is really important in Australian universities because of [how they value] academic integrity,” Grace shares.

In addition to the academic support, the academy also helped Grace improve her presentation and public speaking skills, a common challenge for non-native English speakers.

“I lacked confidence because I was not used to public speaking or doing presentations, especially with a language I’m not really comfortable with. When I went to masters I felt, ‘Oh I already learnt this in pre-masters – it’s not going to be hard for me.’”

Grace’s advice 

Emphasising the importance of research and networking before selecting a course, Grace strongly recommends a pathway program for international students who don’t get accepted into their first choice, as it helped her adjust to university life and develop essential academic skills. Flinders University Academy’s intensive learning experience and engaging lecturers ensured she felt well-prepared and confident when starting her master’s degree.

“Before I came here, I was concerned about how university would be for me because I thought that as an international student, it may be hard to keep up with my study,” Grace shares. “But because of Flinders University Academy, I feel like I’m more prepared and ahead in my studies.”

Grace’s story is a testament to the importance of staying open-minded and adaptable when pursuing your educational goals. When faced with an unexpected detour, she harnessed the experience at Flinders University Academy, learning valuable skills that helped her excel in her master’s program. Her story serves as an inspiration for international students and a reminder that alternative pathways can often lead to even greater success.

Flinders University Academy has played a crucial role in empowering international students like Grace with the skills, confidence and preparation necessary for a smooth transition to their destination degrees. Its unparalleled learning experience ensures that students are well-equipped to thrive in their studies and launch successful careers. Learn more about how Flinders University Academy can help you get into your dream course.