Employability Webinar #3: An expert’s guide to landing your dream job

Insider Guides brought together with Will James, National Careers Manager at Kaplan Business School, and Ocean Cheung, Programs and Marketing Coordinator (QLD) at Practera, to explore the tried and tested steps you need to undertake to land the perfect job.

Whether you are graduate seeking the perfect role, or a current student looking for casual work, this webinar took us through:

  • How to prepare for job interviews in Australia and what questions to ask to make an impression
  • Everything you need to know about resumes (including key words and whether you really need a cover letter)
  • The importance of a LinkedIn profile and how to use it effectively
  • Steps to building a local network and the perfect ice-breakers for networking events
  • The most in-demand jobs after COVID-19

Employability resources for students

A number of employability and careers advice resources were discussed throughout the webinar, including:

Legal and professional advice for students

If you need advice on your workplace rights, pay, or any other employment-related issues, you can use the resources listed below:

Student poll

During the webinar we polled attendees on the following questions/statements:

  1. How have you been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few months?
  2. I know what career services and support my state study body (i.e. Study Melbourne, Study NSW, etc.) provides
  3. Have your future career plans changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began?
  4. What are your plans post graduation?


In the response, it was found that 46% of respondents had not heard about any of the career services offered by state study bodies – there are a range of free career resources and services available to international students through your relevant state or territory study body: