Employability Webinar #4: Resilience in the Face of Rejection

In this week’s webinar, Insider Guides were joined by Dominic Soh – resilience expert and TEDx speaker – to discuss his uniquely inspiring path from international student to international speaker.

Webinar proudly sponsored by The University of Queensland.

The webinar explored how to be adaptable and resilient when looking for work as an international student in Australia during COVID-19, and how to search and apply for jobs effectively.

During this uncertain time, it’s important to stay calm and confident during the job hunt. The webinar discussed topics including:

  • Finding motivation and strength in challenging times
  • Busting common resume myths and how to avoid the ‘spray and pray’ method
  • Finding opportunity in chaos – where and how to develop your network during this time
  • The ‘Four Horsemen’ of unemployment
  • Which transferable skills are most desirable to employers and how to develop them

Employability resources for students

A number of employability and careers advice resources were discussed throughout the webinar, including:

Legal and professional advice for students

If you need advice on your workplace rights, pay, or any other employment-related issues, you can use the resources listed below:

Student poll

During the webinar we polled attendees on the following questions/statements:

  1. When applying for jobs, do you use the same resume every time?
  2. Do you feel that you’re doing enough to develop your transferable/work-ready skills outside of your studies (e.g. through volunteering or internships)?
  3. What do you think is the most important and desirable transferrable skills to employers?
  4. Do you follow up with an employer after an interview or networking event?


The poll revealed that the majority of attendees at 42% felt they could be doing more to develop their work-read/transferable skills – check out this interview with Dominic and Gerard Holland, co-founder and CEO of Outcome.Life, for their advice on expanding and enhancing your skillbase.

In addition, 40% of attendees responded that when applying for jobs their resume stays the same, but their cover letter changes. As Dominic shares in the webinar, it is important to tailor each and every resume to include specific keywords that employers will be seeking.

Insider Guides would like to thank The University of Queensland for sponsoring this webinar.

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