13 May

COVID-19 Industry Webinar series: in conversation with Ahmed Ademoglu

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Date & Time

Wednesday 13 May 2020

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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Event Description

The International Student Voice of COVID-19 in Australia

International students across Australia are facing an unprecedented challenge at this time. For many, their Australian study dream is becoming something very different.

As the sector steps up to offer support in a range of ways, big questions remain about the level of support, the practicalities of obtaining it and ensuring that students know about it. All this while international students face travel restrictions, housing issues, unemployment and a growing pressure on their mental health.

However, the resilience of international students has been remarkable, with stories across the country showing how many are adapting during this time.

In this webinar, we chat to Ahmed Ademoglu, the National President of the Council of International Students of Australia.

The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) represents over 600,000 international students. They have been actively advocating for student support during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that student voices are heard.

We welcome questions through the Q&A forum during the webinar.

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