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Tips for Finding a Job in Tasmania

This article is sponsored by Study Tasmania

It’s easy to overlook Tasmania when you’re searching for graduate work. Many people think that the small island state is the last place you could find a job in Australia. However, there are plenty of opportunities to start your career in ‘Tassie’, as long as you know which industries are thriving and where you can look for your dream job! Before you start your job search in Tasmania, check out these important tips:


From nurses to medical specialists, healthcare professionals are in demand in Tasmania. With the majority of opportunities concentrated in Launceston, Hobart and surrounding regional hospitals, the healthcare sector is one of the biggest employers in the state, and a fantastic industry to find graduate work in.

The benefits of finding employment in the Tasmanian healthcare industry are extensive. You’ll have access to allowances for postgraduate study, competitive salary packages, preceptor and rural allowances, and career stability. If you’re looking for comprehensive advantages, the healthcare sector is the perfect place to start your job search!

For hospital jobs, visit the Tasmanian Government careers site, as well as the fixed term and casual employment registers. Job sites such as Seek, Indeed and Jora are also excellent resources. If you are seeking employment at a private practice, try approaching the facility directly via the contacts listed on their website.

Trades and construction 

The Tasmanian trades and construction industries have been booming for the past few years. Despite a recent COVID-19 slump, these industries are expected to maintain their position as reliable employers. Although some large developments are currently halted, home building and renovations are keeping the construction sector moving.

Trades and construction jobs can be found across the state, particularly in the major cities of Launceston and Hobart and their surrounding suburbs. Working in construction has some great benefits, including job security and excellent wages. The physical fitness required for construction jobs will also keep you in great shape!

You can search for construction jobs on career sites such as Seek, Jora and Indeed. You might also find opportunities on Gumtree, and by applying directly to individual businesses.


The engineering industry is experiencing steady growth across Australia, including in the Tasmania, where renewable energy innovation is a priority. The most common engineering jobs advertised in the state are for civil engineers, industrial/mechanical/production engineers, and mining engineers. The benefits of a career in engineering speak for themselves: high job satisfaction, variety within an innovative and creative field, and financial security.

CareerOne and LinkedIn are excellent professional sites where you can search for engineering opportunities across Tasmania. For students looking to complete studies in engineering, the University of Tasmania is the state’s top research and development facility, and offers practical and high-tech courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


While Tasmanian tourism has been impacted due to COVID-19, the future of the industry looks bright. The visitor economy is vital to Tasmania’s prosperity, and the sector represents around 15 per cent of the state’s employment. If you’re looking for a job in Tassie, tourism is a reliable, exciting and dynamic option.

While many local tourism jobs are listed on job sites, make sure to check out the Tasmanian tourism website for professional opportunities, including roles such as travel writing and digital content management. If you love the outdoors, keep an eye out for positions such as bushwalking leaders and assistants. Another great way to get experience in outdoor tourism jobs is to reach out directly to organisations such as Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences.


Agriculture is synonymous with the state of Tasmania, which is often referred to as ‘Apple Isle’ for its outstanding apple industry. The cattle, dairy, viticulture and cropping industries are experiencing consistent growth across the state, and farms regularly advertise for workers. Tasmanian farms are always in need of pickers, drivers, pruners, sorters and packers.

Meanwhile, working in agriculture is a fantastic way to explore rural regions and enjoy the outdoors while earning money. Other benefits of working in the agriculture sector include job diversity, industry growth and improved mental health (farming careers have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression!).

The Harvest Trail website is the best place to find farm work across Australia, including Tasmania. Backpacker Job Board, Gumtree and Winejobs are also great resources for job seekers.


Education can be a truly rewarding career. The sector allows you to make a positive impact, find variety in your job, build a strong community and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. In Tasmania, teachers are in demand, especially in the population-dense cities of Hobart and Launceston.

The most reliable way to express your interest in a teaching role is to apply directly to education facilities with your resumé and cover letter. The Tasmanian Government website lists jobs within the Department of Education. You can also look out for tertiary teaching positions that might be available across the University of Tasmania’s three campuses.