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Your First Few Weeks in Australia

The first few days in your new home in Australia will undoubtedly be a whirlwind.

From the moment you get off the plane, journey to your new residence, unpack your belongings, and purchase daily necessities—time will fly in this exciting new chapter.

This guide is designed to help you navigate your first few weeks in Australia, offering tips and advice to ensure a smooth transition, helping you feel right at home in no time.


Before your classes begin, it’s a great idea to familiarise yourself with your new city. This will help you feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed with the changes of living and studying in a new place.

What should you do? Start by going to the town centre, pick up a map and take a walk around. This is your chance to learn about the city’s layout. Look for places where you can eat affordably, areas with good shops, and nice parks. Also, pay attention to the big landmarks – these are important as they can help you understand where you are and how to navigate around the city.

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Walking is a simple, cost-free, and pleasant way to explore, but it might not be the fastest way to travel around. If you have a bicycle, try cycling to the town centre or your university a few times before your classes start. Knowing the route a bit can help you avoid the stress of figuring out a totally new way on your first day of classes.

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If you don’t have a bike, getting to know the public transportation system is a good idea. Take some time to learn which buses and trains go where you need to go, and figure out the best routes to ensure you arrive at your classes on time.

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After you’re comfortable with finding your way around and have figured out your transportation options, it’s a good time to dive into what makes your city unique. If you can, go visit a museum that focuses on the history of your city. It’s a great way to learn about the city’s origins, how it developed, and what it is like today. Understanding your city’s history can help you feel more connected to it.

It may seem a bit like what tourists do, but joining a walking tour can be really beneficial. You’ll get to see important places in your town and learn special details from a local guide. You can also ask the guide more questions about the best places to visit, things to do, or where to get great coffee. Plus, it’s a nice opportunity to possibly make new friends.

Your institution

Learning about your new university is similar. Grab a map and spend some time walking around the campus. Take note of important landmarks and the buildings where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. This will help you find your way around, especially if you get lost. Look out for the popular café (every campus has one) and places where you can find delicious food. If you bike to university, remember to check where the bike racks are located.

The best way to become familiar with your city and university is by exploring them yourself. You might come across a coffee shop that becomes your favourite or a spot where they make amazing sandwiches. And remember, if you ever feel unsure about something, just ask someone around. Letting people know that you’re new in town and looking for recommendations usually gets a warm response. You’ll get tips from those who know the area well, helping you feel like a local before you know it.