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Getting Fit in Darwin

As an international student, regular exercise is a vital part of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Focussing on fitness can help reduce stress, improve memory and positively impact your mental health

Luckily, Darwin is a city with a variety of options to help you get fit and stay fit. Here is a helpful guide to exercise and fitness in Darwin! 


Darwin has a tropical climate meaning there’s warm weather all year round. But on those days it’s just too hot, having a gym membership can be a great option to exercise in air conditioning! 

Some of the most common gym chains in Darwin are Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness which have a variety of locations in the city and are open 24/7. 

Both offer student discounts so be sure to bring your student card when you sign up. Chat with staff and shop around as deals and trials will differ depending on the specific location you choose. 

Outdoor activities

One of the best things about living in “The Top End” is the abundance of national parks, waterways and bushland that are within close proximity of Darwin city. 

For running trails, check out Bicentennial Park, Vesteys Beach and Casuarina Beach Coastal Reserve.   

In Darwin, Australia, where crocodiles are prevalent, it’s essential to be always vigilant when near water. The government offers guidelines to stay ‘crocwise’. For safer swimming options, you can enjoy the clear pools of Wangi and Florence Falls or head to Berry Springs Nature Park

For hiking, you can experience beautiful rainforests in East Point Reserve or Charles Darwin National Park.

Group classes and community fitness

Darwin undoubtedly has a strong sense of community compared to bigger cities like Sydney or Melbourne, making it easy to make new friends.

One great community combining fitness and friends is the Darwin Dippers

Each Wednesday all year round they start the day with a dip at Nightcliff Beach, right next to the Foreshore Cafe. Afterwards, the group watches the sunrise over a morning coffee. 

The local government also runs the Healthy Darwin program offering free and discounted fitness and community events and sessions for locals. 

A range of activities are offered from dance classes to yoga, boxing classes and more. 

Sports clubs and university societies

A big part of Australian culture is a love for sport. It’s common to join and participate in community sports clubs even as an adult. When living in Darwin, you can find almost any sports club you can think of. 

Darwin has swimming clubs, Australian rules football (AFL), soccer clubs, and more. 

Joining a local club can be a great way to stay fit and meet new people. It’s also important to know many of these clubs run on volunteers, so even if you don’t want to play, you can get involved with coaching, training, or managing a team. 

Another option to get fit is to join a university club or society. Universities have student-run clubs and teams you can join as part of your university experience. 

For example, Charles Darwin University has a variety of student groups, including sports teams. This is another great way to meet friends from your university and get fit!