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Getting Fit in Hobart

Welcome to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Nestled at the foot of Mount Wellington and surrounded by the waters of the Derwent River, this picturesque city offers an abundant array of options for staying fit and healthy.

If you’re searching for ways to keep fit while exploring this charming city, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your guide to staying active in Hobart!


Don’t fancy a gym membership? Hobart’s varied terrain and stunning landscapes provide plenty of compelling reasons to take your workouts outdoors.

Sandy Bay to Battery Point

Start your jog at Sandy Bay, famous for its serene beaches, and head towards the historical Battery Point. The coastal path not only gives you a refreshing sea breeze but also takes you past some of Hobart’s iconic colonial architecture. For the more ambitious, extending the run all the way to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens adds another layer of natural beauty to your exercise.

Queen’s Domain

Located near the city’s central business district, the Queen’s Domain offers various trails, each one affording fantastic views of Hobart and the Derwent River. The area is spacious, so it doesn’t get overly crowded, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful run amidst nature.

Find your running crew

Running can be more enjoyable and motivating when done with others. Local groups like Knockoffs Run Club or Parkrun Hobart offer structured running sessions and a sense of community. From casual joggers to marathon trainees, these groups are inclusive and supportive.


Hobart’s cycling scene is both versatile and welcoming, catering to cyclists of all experience levels.

Eastern Shore bike path

The Eastern Shore cycling route is a serene, flat route that meanders along the Derwent River, providing cyclists with breathtaking views of Hobart’s skyline, Mount Wellington, and the Tasman Bridge. Beginning at the Tasman Bridge in Rose Bay, this path stretches to Howrah Beach and beyond, offering various exit points for those seeking shorter rides.

Ride to MONA

Starting from Hobart’s waterfront, cycle your way along the scenic Inter City Cycleway up to the iconic Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Berriedale. This route is a mix of shared paths and on-road sections, offering a relatively flat and enjoyable ride. Once at MONA, you can explore its quirky ancient and modern art before heading back.

Bike hire

If you didn’t bring a bike, no need to worry! Places like Hobart Bike Hire and Roll Cycles offer a range of cycles, from road bikes to mountain bikes, making it easy for you to get cycling no matter your preference or skill level.


For those who like their exercise served with a side of panoramic views, Hobart has hiking opportunities in spades.

kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Climbing Mount Wellington is indeed a challenge, but the effort is more than rewarded with spectacular views of Hobart and beyond. If you’re an early riser, aim for a sunrise hike — the vistas are unforgettable.

Freycinet National Park

While it’s a drive away from Hobart, Freycinet National Park offers a host of trails, ranging from casual walks to more challenging hikes like the trek to Wineglass Bay lookout. The Park’s diverse terrain and flora make every step worthwhile.

Mix it up: Fun ways to exercise

If you’re looking to diversify your fitness regimen, Hobart has you covered with some unique offerings.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

For those keen to try water sports, Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) offers an excellent balance of fun and fitness. Sandy Bay and other beach locations provide rentals, and you may even get to paddle alongside some of Tasmania’s marine life. Check out Blue Lagoon SUP and Surf at Park Beach to take a lesson or simply hire a board for the day.

Casa Cubana Salsa Dancing

For a fun, social, and active evening, check out Casa Cubana’s Salsa nights Casa Cubana Salsa Facebook Group. This is not just about learning dance moves; it’s a full-body workout and a fantastic way to socialise and immerse yourself in a welcoming community.

Yoga with a view

Need to wind down after a full day of studying? Hobart’s natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful yoga session. Roll out your mat amidst the lush flora of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, or find serenity by the Derwent River at Long Beach, Sandy Bay. If you’re seeking an elevated experience, the Signal Station on Mount Nelson offers panoramic views over Hobart, making it an invigorating spot to stretch, breathe, and rejuvenate.