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Shop Smarter as a Student: Your Guide to Rewards Programs and Cashback Apps

With the rising cost of living, you might be searching for creative ways to make your financial life a little easier. Rather than increasing your work hours (and taking valuable time away from your studies), it’s worth exploring money-saving tools that are just a few finger taps and mouse clicks away. That’s right – we’re talking about reward programs and cashback apps! 

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best rewards programs in Australia so you can save money seamlessly. 

What is a rewards program?

Have you ever been shopping and had a cashier ask whether you are a member of their rewards program? Well, if you’re not, you could be missing out on some impressive savings. 

Many retailers and companies provide loyalty programs, which allow members to collect reward points as they shop. By accumulating points from your shopping, you can gain discounts as well as exclusive deals. 

Types of rewards program systems

In Australia, there are various rewards program systems, such as:  


  • Point-based – Customers earn points from their shopping, which can then later be redeemed for rewards such as discounts and/or free items.
  • Tiered – Customers get assigned to different categories, known as tiers, based on their spending habits. Users receive different rewards and benefits from each tier.
  • Cash-back rewards – Customers receive money back from their purchases. When shopping, these rewards and discounts can only be given through a cash-back site, app or browser extension. In return, these platforms receive a commission from reward-partnering companies, where customers also receive a portion of it. 

What reward programs exist? 

As an international student, some of the best reward programs in Australia come from point-based and cash-back systems. Each system contains a variety of programs you may consider to begin scoring deals from a range of reward partners. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular rewards systems in Australia that you can join with ease.

Point-based rewards programs

Everyday Rewards 

This rewards program allows members to earn points from Woolworths Group partner brands (including Big W, BWS, and of course, Woolworths). After you’ve accumulated 2,000 points, you can get $10 off a future purchase or even convert your reward earnings into Qantas Points.


A program where members gain points by shopping at any reward-partner brands such as Coles, Kmart and Officeworks. Points can be redeemed for money off shopping purchases, holiday trips and household goods.

Priceline Sister Club

When you join the Priceline Sister Club, you’ll not only gain points when you make purchases but you’ll get exclusive gifts, sale previews, Beauty Boxes and more. When you earn enough points, they will automatically convert into $5 credits that you can use toward future purchases.

Besides the two mentioned, here are other programs to explore: 

Cash-back rewards programs


Known as Australia’s largest cashback program, customers receive a portion of their money back when shopping for online products across 2,000 brands, such as Amazon, Myer, Apple and Microsoft.


Honey is a Google Chrome extension that searches for discount codes, cashback options and other bargains to help you purchase items at lower prices. 


ShopBack is very similar to Cashrewards, through which customers can access brands like ASOS, Woolworths, Uber, Shopee and eBay and earn a portion of their purchase after shopping.

Other options to check out include: 

Benefits of Reward Programs

Reward and cashback programs offer several benefits, chief among them saving money. Beyond this, members are also given access to exclusive deals, perks and incentives after repeated purchases. These additional perks tend to lead to even more savings. 

When it comes to cashback rewards, your money accumulates in your account on that platform, allowing you to leave it untouched as long as you want and build your savings in the long term. 

Shop smarter, not harder

We are often told that hard work pays off, but sometimes it pays to work smarter, not harder. By informing yourself about the best rewards programs in Australia, you’ll maximise your savings without lifting a finger. Get started today to start reaping these rewards for yourself!

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