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How a Pathway Program Helped Mony Pursue Her Academic Dreams in Australia

This article is sponsored by Flinders University Academy

For Rathmony (Mony) Sok, studying in Australia was not only one of the best decisions of her life, but one of the easiest. Originally from Cambodia, Mony was eager to explore the world around her by studying abroad. Safe, welcoming and internationally renowned for its education system, Australia was the perfect fit. 

In January 2023, her dream became a reality when she arrived in Adelaide, South Australia to begin her pathway studies at Flinders University Academy. Here she received the support and skills needed to move on to her Master of Business Administration (Finance) at the university. 

Speaking to Insider Guides, Mony shared her experience as an international student in Adelaide and how the Flinders University Academy pathway program was the perfect first step in her journey.

Unparalleled student support

To improve her English language skills before beginning her master’s degree, Mony enrolled in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at Flinders University Academy. In this program, students spend five to 20 weeks improving their skills in reading, writing, oral communication and more. For many international students – including Mony – the program is the first step in gaining entry to a Flinders degree.

According to Mony, she received exceptional feedback, support and encouragement from her instructors throughout the course. 

“They were always checking up on me, asking me ‘How are you doing?’ or ‘Are you feeling okay?’ when they noticed I was feeling frustrated,” shares Mony. “They really care a lot about the students.”

Mony adds that this level of support helped her not only feel more confident in her learning environment, but more at home in Adelaide.

“It’s not a traditional teacher-student relationship; I feel like they’re my friends who always provide me the opportunity to learn and develop myself,” she explains.

An exciting future in finance

Having improved her English language skills, Mony is now focusing on her master’s degree and a future career in the finance world. Her interest in the sector stems from her professional experience working as a commercial finance analyst in Cambodia. 

“The combination of administration and finance is what interested me in this course. I don’t want to just focus on finance or administration, I want both sides,” explains Mony.

Mony is confident that the course will give her the knowledge and skills she needs to become a well-rounded professional and stand out in the workforce. This, she highlights, is all the more important in 2023 with the advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

“That’s why we all need to have a business concept as well. Ultimately, computers cannot replace us,” she says.

Embracing Adelaide as a home away from home

For Mony, settling into Adelaide has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. The culture here is very different from that in Cambodia, she shares, but it has been a welcome change. 

“The people are so friendly. Strangers say hi to you and ask how you are doing. It’s very different in my home country. We don’t really talk to strangers there,” explains Mony.

This warmness is something that Mony has noticed particularly in her part-time job working as a cashier at the Adelaide Central Markets. 

“People are really open, people are always nice, so I really enjoy doing [my job]. I’m happy to do it,” says Mony.

Mony’s wish for fellow Cambodians

For Mony, studying at Flinders University Academy has been a life-changing chapter – one that she hopes more people from her culture can experience.

“I want to share this experience with people in my home country. I want to show them how Flinders takes care of us,” she says. “I want people to get out of their comfort zones and explore a new life.” 

Flinders University Academy has played a crucial role in empowering international students like Mony with the skills, confidence and preparation necessary for a smooth transition to their destination degrees. Its unparalleled learning experience ensures that students are well-equipped to thrive in their studies and launch successful careers. Learn more about how Flinders University Academy can help you get into your dream course.