How to Get a Job in the South Australian Wine and Tourism Industry

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South Australia is world-renowned for wine-making, making it a hotspot for international tourism. The South Australian Government has multiple strategies in place to ensure both the wine and tourism industries continue to grow, making it a secure and exciting career for students to pursue. 

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is one of nine Great Wine Capitals of the World. With 18 wine regions, the state is unquestionably at the centre of Australia’s wine industry, producing 50 percent of the country’s bottled wine and almost 80 percent of its premium wine per year.

Roughly 14 percent of international travellers visit a wine region when exploring Australia, with more than a third of this group (34 percent) choosing to visit a South Australian winery. As of 2016, Adelaide is a member of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network, a prestigious group of cities whose wine production is recognised as a significant economic and cultural asset. As such an important part of South Australia’s tourism economy, it is also a big focus of the state’s tourism bodies, which continue to promote the industry to attract inbound travellers. 

The Government’s exciting plans to grow the South Australian wine and tourism industry means a future career in wine and spirits looks incredibly bright. We will cheers to that! 

What types of jobs are available in the South Australian wine and tourism industry?

Once you have completed your relevant study, there are many career options available within the South Australian wine and beverage industry. Potential employers range from the obvious wine and spirits companies and distributors, to hotels, restaurants and resorts, to government and industry associations. The SA Wine Industry Career Guide outlines the four main areas of the industry: 

Growing grapes

  • Agribusiness manager 
  • Vineyard manager/supervisor 
  • Grower liaison 
  • Irrigation officer 
  • Vineyard hand 

Making wine 

  • Winemaker/assistant winemaker 
  • Cellar manager/supervisor
  • Cellar hand 
  • Lab technician 

Wine marketing and sales 

  • International marketing manager 
  • Export manager 
  • Cellar door manager 
  • Marketing coordinator 
  • Wine salesperson/cellar door sales 
  • Wine journalism/blogging 

Storage and distribution 

  • Warehouse manager 
  • Production coordinator 
  • Line supervisor 
  • Packaging technician 
  • Forklift driver 
  • Bottling line attendant 

What do wine industry employers look for? 

What employers look for depends on the role. That being said, any customer-facing or strategic role will likely require a deep knowledge of South Australian wine. This knowledge is assumed if an applicant holds a Level 2 WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) qualification, which is taught as part of the Bachelor of International Business (Wine, Spirits and Tourism) course available through Flinders University.

If you are applying for a winemaker, farmhand, cellar hand or other winery-related position, employers will likely want you to own a car. Working on-site will most often require you to hold a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and First Aid certificate. If you will be selling or serving wine, you are legally required to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification, which has no expiry date in South Australia. 

How can I find wine and spirits careers in South Australia? 

The practical experience offered in the Bachelor of International Business (Wine, Spirits and Tourism) degree will give you plenty of work experience, including domestic and international industry events. These priceless networking opportunities could be where you get the chance to meet and impress potential future employers. 

In addition to Australian job listing websites such as Seek, Indeed and Gumtree, you can also use industry-specific resources such as Wine Industry Jobs or Winejobs. If you are looking for further guidance, read our guide to finding a job in Australia. 

What should I study if I want to get into the South Australian wine industry?

The Bachelor of International Business (Wine, Spirits and Tourism) at Flinders University is a wonderful option if you are looking for a career in South Australia’s wine and spirits industry. The three-year degree will give you a comprehensive understanding of all elements of the wine industry – from tasting to ethics to statistically driven ordering and everything in-between. It also delivers a wide range of valuable practical industry experience. The broad curriculum means you will graduate with an understanding of all aspects of the industry, ensuring your future employability and success.