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In-Demand Careers on the Gold Coast

This article is sponsored by Study Gold Coast

From a laid-back lifestyle to world-class universities, studying on the Gold Coast is a great choice for several reasons. But another great incentive to live on the Gold Coast is the opportunity to build a successful career after you graduate. 

To help you better understand the booming jobs and industries in this charming coastal city, we’ve put together this go-to guide. Read on to discover the most in-demand careers on the Gold Coast. 


Recent data shows that the Gold Coast has recovered economically post-pandemic faster than many other parts of Australia. One industry that has contributed to this has been the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, which accounts for approximately 14.6 per cent of employment in the region

Future growth in this sector is incredibly strong, largely due to Australia’s ageing population. It’s projected that over 2.2 million people across Australia will be employed in this industry by 2026 (a 15.9 per cent growth rate from 2021). Registered Nurses is the largest employing role in this sector, with over 330,000 people expected to fill these roles by 2026. The Gold Coast is home to the fourth-largest share of registered nurses in the country.

However, registered nursing isn’t the only option available; there are several types of nursing specialties, making it a diverse and exciting field. Each one carries unique duties, salary ranges and education requirements. 

There are many study pathways you can consider depending on the type of nursing career you want. For more vocational, hands-on training, you could enrol in a Diploma of Nursing at a TAFE. Alternatively, a Bachelor of Nursing or a Master of Nursing might be more suitable if you’re seeking an advanced, specialised education. 


According to Study Gold Coast, another high-demand profession in the region is accounting. Working as an accountant can give you the flexibility to work for large organisations, small businesses or independently.

As a consistently high-demand role, you can expect to find plenty of accounting jobs in Australia, including on the Gold Coast. The national level of demand is expected to continue into the future, with roles expected to grow by 9.2 per cent by 2026.

You can pursue a future in accounting by studying at a TAFE or VET institution or a university. These education providers will likely provide accounting and/or bookkeeping qualifications at various levels, including diplomas, certificates and bachelor’s degrees.


The Gold Coast’s education sector has seen significant growth in recent years. In the decade leading up to 2022, the Education and Training industry grew by $746 million, and it is now one of the leading industries in the region. It is also a major sector at the national level, with a projected growth rate of 13.4 per cent from 2021 to 2026. 

Teaching is another diverse field; you can opt to specialise in early childhood education, primary school teaching, secondary school teaching, special needs teaching – the list goes on and on. 

Social workers 

Social work falls under the Health Care and Social Assistance sector – that’s where the “social assistance” element comes in! That means this occupation belongs to the largest employing sector in the country and, more specifically, the Gold Coast region.

According to the National Skills Commission, social workers have strong future job growth – the highest level of growth possible. With such strong projected growth and demand, it’s no surprise that social workers are on Australia’s skilled occupation list. This means that those working in this role are eligible for a number of skilled visas. 

Tour guides

As one of Australia’s most popular destinations for domestic and international travellers, the tourism industry will always be important on the Gold Coast. 

According to the City of Gold Coast, tourism directly accounts for 6.2 per cent of jobs and directly contributes over $1 billion to the city’s Gross Regional Product (GRP). 

Plus, there is a shortage of tour guides across the nation – including in Queensland. By building a career in this exciting field, you can feel confident there will be a consistent demand for your skills.

Construction roles

Construction represents more than 10 per cent of the employment opportunities on the Gold Coast. The sector’s contributions to the economy aren’t expected to slow, particularly as Queensland prepares for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Ahead of the games, the South East Queensland region is getting a $1.8 billion boost for infrastructure and construction projects. 

There are various roles within the construction industry, many of which are in high demand, including construction project managers, construction riggers and construction estimators.

Take the first step in joining one of these exciting industries by studying on the Gold Coast. Not sure where to start in weighing your options? Check out the Study Gold Coast Course Finder, which allows you to search for specific disciplines and levels of study.