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Breaking News: Increased Opportunities for Indian Students and Professionals in Australia

Indian students and early career professionals in Australia will benefit from recent developments in the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese of Australia and Narendra Modi of India have strengthened their bilateral cooperation, resulting in a series of new opportunities for students, graduates and young professionals from both countries. Here, we explain how these opportunities can benefit Indian international students in Australia. Please note, this story is still developing, and we can expect more details in the coming weeks.

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The MATES program

This bilateral agreement is a landmark achievement in Australia-India relations. A key feature of this agreement is the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES). As outlined by SBS News, this innovative program opens up 3,000 spots annually for young professionals from India to spend two years in Australia without needing a visa sponsorship. This represents a unique opportunity for recent graduates looking to develop international work experience.

Increased work opportunities

The agreement also brings forward positive changes for students and researchers. Starting from 1 July 2023, Indian graduates from Australian tertiary institutions can apply to work in Australia for up to eight years. At the same time, Australians aiming to conduct research in India can now apply for an S-5 visa, granting them a stay in India for up to three years or for the duration of their research project.

Strengthened trade and business

Alongside these promising academic and professional opportunities, the leaders are working towards augmenting trade and business ties between the two countries. The aim is to elevate the value of bilateral trade to an impressive $100 billion, leading to increased business activity, job creation and expanded career opportunities.

A celebration of the Indian community in Australia

The importance of the Indian community in Australia was acknowledged and celebrated by the two Prime Ministers at a recent event in Sydney, which saw the unveiling of a plaque for a new “Little India” gateway in Harris Park. Further enhancing the Australia-India connection, a new Centre for Australia-India Relations will open in Parramatta. The centre will facilitate the Indian community’s deeper involvement in business, policy and cultural activities in Australia.

In a government media release, Albanese shared, “Australia is a better place because of the contributions of the Indian-Australian community, and we want to see more connections between our countries.”

These agreements mark a significant step in strengthening the Australia-India relationship. For Indian students in Australia, these developments translate into more choices, greater opportunities, and an exciting future.