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Industry Chat – David Bycroft – Founder of Australian Homestay Network

James Martin from Insider Guides spoke with David Bycroft, Founder of the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). To support international students impacted by the global crisis, David and his team at the AHN have established the International Student Support Network to provide short-term, heavily discounted homestay to students who need emergency accommodation due to eviction or financial distress.

The International Student Support Network encourages the community to open up their homes and take on international student tenants in a homestay capacity, at a discounted rate. Students who are placed with a host family have their own room and all meals and utilities are included. Students will gain a new network of friends and be supported at a time they need it most.

A number of education providers are supporting this initiative to ensure their students are able to continue their studies safely and happily in Australia.

“We want to find host families that want to be part of the solution”

Students and hosts are provided with insurance and updated COVID-19 communications regularly and hosts undergo extensive training. After 60,000 placements over the years, the AHN team is very experienced in managing both host and student concerns.

“This is a network approach, we want to work with other providers to find a solution for each student that needs our help.”

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and students matched to host families that suit their needs in an emergency situation or for longer-term stays.Further information about this initiative is available HERE, or please contact David on dbycroft@homestaynetwork.org or 0402 925 632.