#InThisTogether with Johan Ginuny: Ngobrol Bareng Piche and the Art of Instagram

Johan Ginuny, from Papua, thrives on keeping himself busy. He’s a freelancer, MC, Instagram talk show host and Master of Community Development student at Murdoch University – and he hasn’t let the current COVID-19 pandemic slow him down.

‘Talk With Piche’

Johan hosts a regular online talk show on Instagram called NGOPI (Ngobrol Bareng Piche, or, ‘Talk With Piche’).

“On this program, I invite Papuan students from around the world every week to talk about studying abroad,” he says. “Currently, all the shows are related to COVID-19. In these episodes, I interview my guests about their experiences [during the pandemic] and how to overcome the changes in daily life and academic life, so that my viewers can have a picture of studying abroad.”


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Halo Teman2.. Apa kabar? NGOPI Kembali hadir di Live Instagram @piche_ginuny.mc dengan Mahasiswa yg ada dari berbagai negara. Kali ini NGOPI berubah jadwal menjadi hari jumat, Pukul 17.00-18.00 WIT. Di Episode kali inj kita akan ngobrol dengan @ceziapesurnay dari The University of Queensland- Australia. Jangan Lupa Jumat ini yah teman2.. bantu di share yah.. (mohon maap yg kena tag) Terimakasih. cc : @jarona_leah @patty.azarya @stevemara_ @papuapcmi @rayrichard92 @hery_sikribo @maaruwaa @reumy_thomofficial @yanfrnpepuho @tency_marini @dinnaludia @emmaeunique @abangded @monimalanda @febrianironsumbre @julio_fpapua @chaecha__ @asangelica__ @h5.hnn @hellmillion @saiderpin @pacificgal_

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Ngobrol Bareng Piche is broadcast live on Johan’s Instagram every week in Indonesian. In recent episodes, he has interviewed students from as close as Queensland, to as far away as Hawaii. For more information, plus a number of motivational posts and constant encouragement from Johan himself, check out Johan’s Instagram.

Studying online

Whilst studying from home, Johan has found that building a routine and maintaining regular online contact with teachers and fellow students has been especially helpful during this challenging time.

I find it hard to study online, because I study better at the library,” he says. “However, I cannot go to the library regularly. To adapt to these changes, I decided to do my best to study at home and try to make another new schedule. I do more consultations with my lecturers, and I call other friends who are experiencing the same challenges to learn from them.”

Johan’s #InThisTogether message

For Johan, it has been the little acts of kindness he has been seeing that keep him motivated.

“I am really inspired by some of my classmates who share their toilet paper and canned food when it’s hard to find in this ‘panic buying’ season – many other people are doing the same,” he says. “For me, these acts of care and togetherness in the community is inspiring me. From [these acts], I trust in the impact of small actions.”

Johan keeps resilient during his time with three simple mantras, which fellow students might find useful. Firstly, as a volunteer at his local church (which is now holding online services), Johan finds support in religion, and encourages other students to maintain their regular faith and worship where they can, while self-isolating:

“Pray to help us to be still. Whatever your religion, you need to be still, so that we can stay focused on what we need to do.”

Secondly, Johan encourages recipe experimentation. With food inspiration readily available online, there’s no excuse: “It’s time to be a good cook!”

And, finally: “Thirdly is care for each other. Don’t forget to enjoy your life, do some exercise – it helps for a healthier body and soul.”

What’s your #InThisTogether message?