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Tips and Tricks For Settling Into Sydney and New South Wales: Introducing the Discover NSW Arrive Program

This article is sponsored by Study NSW

Embarking on your educational journey in a new country can be scary and exciting.

To help navigate this important life change, Study NSW is excited to introduce the Discover NSW Arrive Program. This online guide equips international students beginning their study journey in New South Wales (NSW) with all the tips and tricks they’ll need for a smooth transition.

A smooth start with the Discover NSW Arrive Program

The recently launched program includes interactive workshops and quizzes that provide a realistic view of life and study in NSW, laying a strong foundation for your Australian adventure. Guided by experts, you’ll be taken through every phase of the process, starting with pre-departure preparations. From packing the essentials, understanding biosecurity rules, and dealing with long-haul flights, to your first steps in NSW, the Discover NSW Arrive Program has got your back!

What you’ll learn

How to find accommodation

Finding a comfortable place to live is vital for your student life experience. In NSW, you’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of accommodation options. The Discover NSW Arrive Program guides you through the process, helping you find the best fit considering factors such as location, cost and lifestyle.

Health and wellbeing insights

Navigating healthcare in a new country can be challenging, but the Arrive Program simplifies it for you. You’ll receive clear information on the mandatory Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) and resources on other health topics, including mental well-being.  Get tips on building a supportive network which will ensure your health and happiness during your time in NSW.

Practical tips to become a local

You’ll also be guided on essential local procedures. From setting up a bank account, and securing a phone plan, to understanding the public transport system, learn the basics so you can focus on your studies and exploring your new home!

Must-do experiences in NSW

Living in NSW isn’t just about studying; it’s about immersing in the unique experiences this diverse state offers. The program encourages you to explore your neighbourhood, participate in affordable activities and truly soak up the local Aussie culture.

Work opportunities and networking

If you’re considering part-time work, the program provides comprehensive guidance. It covers various job types, working rights for international students and provides valuable tips on crafting an impressive resume and cover letter. Additionally, you’ll be informed about events that could open doors to job opportunities. For example, NSW Jobs Connect for International Students, an innovative program to connect skilled international students with NSW employers

How do I get started?

Head to the Discover NSW website and create an account on Teachable for free – it’s as simple as that! We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting chapter of your life!