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International Students and COVID-19: How Are Different Countries Responding?
As the world starts to adjust to the ‘new normal’, educational institutions and students have had to follow suit. Thanks to travel... Read More

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What are the Accommodation Options for Under-18 Students in Australia?
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How Studying English Before You Start University Can Set You up For Success
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Immersing Yourself in Student Life From Overseas
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The Best Grammar, Spelling and Writing Apps You Can Access for Free
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Eight Tips for Securing an Internship
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How do Money Transfer Apps Work?
As an international student living in Australia, at some point during your time here you may need to send or receive money from overseas.... Read More

Webinar #13: What does the future of the sector look like?
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Careers of the Future: Digital Technologist
Globalisation, automation, and rapidly changing needs mean the future of employment will probably look very different from how it looks... Read More