Learning to Swim

Swim Lessons

Australia has so many beautiful beaches, rivers, and lakes that you should visit. Whether it’s surfing, swimming, fishing or just playing with friends you are guaranteed to have a great day. But if you aren’t confident in the water then it is now time to learn how to swim!

We have six reasons you should learn to swim, not only so that you can be safe so that you can enjoy yourself confidently too.

Learning to swim saves lives

Sometimes a fun day can end in tragedy. Every year too many international visitors and students drown. Knowing how to swim and understanding how to be safe around water is especially important for those who are new to Australia.

Being a strong swimmer means not only will you impress your friends with your confident moves in the water, it also means you are less likely to get into difficulties.

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Learning to Swim improves physical and mental health

Exercise helps reduce the risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart and lung disease among many more. Your mental health is also improved by releasing endorphins and serotonin that enhance your mood.

It is also a great way to make new friends! Whether you join a club, take lessons, or just go by yourself, it’s easy to meet new people at your local swimming pool.

Learning to Swim makes studying more effective

Even if you consider yourself a strong swimmer, advanced swimming lessons have been shown to improve your study practices as well. Periods of physical activity enhance brain stimulation and have beneficial effects upon studying, sleeping, mood and even eyesight.

Learning to swim is part of Aussie culture

It’s clear to see, in this population density map, that Australians never position themselves too far away from any body of water. Whether it’s rivers, lakes, oceans or pools, water-based activities are entrenched in Australian culture and their way of life.

There is a typical Aussie saying that ‘you get out, what you put in’. In this regard, you’ll get more out of your time abroad the more effort you put into joining the culture. Being confident around water will enable you to participate in more activities through the summer.

Learning to swim is a skill for life

This goes without saying, but Australia is not the only country obsessed with being near the water. Once you learn to swim you will be able to enjoy yourself anywhere in the world and take part in the many other aquatic activities; sailing, kayaking, diving, water skiing and so forth.

Learning to swim is fun!

Trust us, Australians wouldn’t spend so much time in and around water if they didn’t absolutely love it! There is something truly special about floating at the beach when the sun is out. With confidence in your own abilities and respect for the environment you’re swimming in, we’re sure you’ll become addicted just like a true Aussie.

Where to start learning to swim?

Now that you know why you should be swimming, where are you going to do it? The best place to start is your local swimming pool and luckily Australia has hundreds of them!

Your university campus may have a pool and offer swimming lessons (just speak to your student centre) or google your suburb and swimming lessons, there’s probably one closer to you than you realise. Have fun!