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Student Story: From Kathmandu to the Queensland Capital

This article is sponsored by Queensland International Institute

When you have more than 5000 Instagram followers, choosing what to post can be a daunting task. But Queensland International Institute (Qii) student Prakriti Pandey has it down to a fine art, inspired by her adopted city of Brisbane.

“I post a lot of pictures of where I’ve been in Brisbane – the city, Mount Tamborine, the Gold Coast,” she says. “The most beautiful place I’ve been is Mount Tamborine, watching the sunset.”

Prakriti moved to Queensland from her native Nepal to study Early Childhood Education and Care. Here, she shares her story of living in Brisbane, studying at Qii, and experiencing Australia’s high-tech education system.


After graduating high school, Prakriti began researching international options for further education. Australia was her number one choice for a qualification that would help her pursue her long-time passion, Early Childhood Education and Care.

“Australian degrees are highly renowned in Nepal,” she says. “I knew I wanted to go to Australia but had to research institutes.”

Prakriti asked relatives and friends for recommendations, before meeting with an education consultant who suggested Qii.

Not only did Qii offer the course Prakriti wanted – a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care – her education consultant vouched for the school as the perfect place for international students. 

Qii is home to the Queensland International Institute Students Association (QiiSA), which advocates for the multicultural college community and offers a warm welcome to new students.


It’s been 10 months since Prakriti moved to Australia, and she now feels comfortable as an international student in Brisbane. Her time in Australia has also been a source of personal growth and development. 

“Before I was very dependent on my family, and whenever I went anywhere, I would make sure I had friends with me. Coming here to Australia, I’m very independent now. I’ve had many opportunities to explore and see the potential in myself.”

When it comes to her studies, Prakriti benefits from the hands-on aspects of studying at Qii: real-world experience and modern learning facilities are integral parts of her course.

“Training here is focused on an individual basis. They have the tools required for education, especially in childcare, for example, providing dummy babies – there’s lots of practical work. That’s the part I most enjoy.”


Like most students living in Queensland, Prakriti is a big fan of the climate and the almost year-long summer. 

“I love the weather in Brisbane, it’s sunny almost all the time.”

Prakriti also appreciates Brisbane’s more laid-back lifestyle.

“It’s not crowded compared to other cities. I’ve heard from friends living in Sydney that it’s very busy, but in Queensland it’s much calmer.”

Prakriti uses her popular Instagram account to share personal posts of her journeys throughout Queensland. She also sees it as an opportunity to engage with students curious about studying in Australia or considering Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) as a career.

“I hope that others can get information and that’s what will get them attracted to my course,” she says.


Studying at Qii offers students the opportunity to use their qualifications as a pathway into university. Prakriti knows that students studying early childhood education will be well-cared for after graduation.

“There are a lot of facilities out there for ECEC students,” she says. “As a childcare student, I can apply for a temporary visa and there are many opportunities for us to work.”

However, Prakriti is planning to head home after completing her diploma to build her career in Nepal.

“I have learned and experienced many new things and can apply the techniques I have learned here. I will implement those techniques and create the Australian environment in Nepal.”


For future students, particularly those coming to Australia from Nepal, Prakriti encourages keeping up-to-date with technological trends and being independent.

“My advice is that you should learn about the technologies because you will need to rely on mobile devices and laptops [when studying]. You should research everything on the internet and should not be dependent on others.”

Prakriti hopes other young people will take advantage of the great student lifestyle and professional opportunities that studying in Australia provides.

“You will feel very safe and secure here in Australia,” she says.


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