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Location, Location, Location!

locations in Australia

The area where you choose to live is going to dictate many things like travel times to school and work, cost of accommodation, proximity to your friends and also the community surrounding you.

Check out your city below, for a brief overview some of the different areas popular with international students.


Melbourne has been voted the world’s most livable city for six years in a row, and it’s not hard to see why. It is a very cool city with a fantastic quality of life. The locals share many passions, with a particular focus on coffee, sport, music, the arts and food.

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Sydney is Australia’s iconic city with its world famous landmarks, beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. Throw in the quality shopping, amazing lifestyle and friendly locals and you can easily see why it is so popular. As Australia’s first city it contains so much of this country’s history and will continue to shape much of its future.

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Adelaide has spent decades standing in the shadow of eastern counterparts Sydney and Melbourne, but the small city is now emerging into the sunlight. Slowly, it is being recognised for what it does best – food, wine, nightlife, tight-knit communities, progressive art, innovation and coffee… lots of coffee.

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Perth, is a vibrant, energetic city whose claims to fame includes picture-perfect beaches, exotic wineries and expansive parklands. A new cosmopolitan perspective and economic growth has given Perth a cultural confidence which is making its mark as a top student city.

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With its growing music scene, idyllic climate, some of the best universities in the country and proximity to beautiful coastlines, it’s easy to understand why Brisbane is such a popular study destination. The city’s skyline continues to grow skywards, as does the city’s reputation for world-class education.

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Australia’s national capital, Canberra, is full of great areas that are ideal for student living. With hip cafés, a multicultural community and fascinating museums it is an invigorating city.

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Hobart is definitely a hidden Australian secret. Because of Tassie’s relaxed vibe – with less traffic, bustle and people, and more wilderness – it’s the perfect place for studying. With fewer international students in Hobart than in all of Australia, you’ll learn a lot about Australian culture.

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